Owned about US Ukraine support: – Very happy news

– This is very good news. This support is badly needed and will, among other things, help to give Ukraine better air defense coverage, writes Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide (Ap) in an email to NTB.

He points out that the US has been a very important supporter of Ukraine in the defense battle against the Russian invasion. Domestic political conditions in the USA have recently meant that no further support for Ukraine has been agreed upon in Congress since autumn 2022.

– This has resulted in a major material shortage among Ukrainian forces along the front and has given Russian forces an advantage, says Eide.

When he visited both Kyiv and Odesa in Ukraine earlier this week, President Zelensky and Ukraine’s military and civilian leadership said they needed military support as soon as possible.

Eide emphasizes that the situation in Ukraine is still very serious, and believes that several countries must take responsibility for supporting the war-ravaged country.

– It is important that the American support package must not become a cushion for Ukraine’s European partners. Everyone must now take their share of the responsibility and use the momentum the American support package creates, he says.

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2024-04-21 09:03:11

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