Oxxo or OxzT?, IA recreates Mexico if it had not been conquered

  • It is largely thanks to content creators that the digital community has grown significantly in recent years.

  • Within the digital conversation, the use of Artificial Intelligence as a means of expression and communication has gone viral.

  • It is thanks to the foundation of new technologies that it is increasingly common for casual Internet users to make use of applications such as VR and AI.

At present, social networks have become an indispensable part of people’s sharing; This is encouraged by the great variety of information that can be consumed almost immediately, as indicated by a short viral video, in which a Artificial intelligencewas given the task of representing what Mexico would be like if it had not been conquered, even changing the name of the emblematic Oxxo to OxzT.

At present, the accelerated development of technology has begun to define the behavior of people, as it has become increasingly common for them to perform all kinds of daily tasks more frequently, such as working, study, trade, get entertainment mainly solve all kinds of doubts.

Well, it is thanks to the growing number of active Internet users, as content creators, that network users can covet all kinds of talents, aspects of daily life outside of their reality and even imagine all kinds of scenarios, this through new technological advancessuch as Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality.

Oxxo or OxzT? This is how an AI recreates Mexico if it had not been conquered

The conquest is a part of the waters of what can currently be considered as Mexico; however, this colonization process has been put to the test by a creative, who through Artificial Intelligence, (AI) He took on the task of representing what Mexico would be like today, if it had continued under the influence of the ancient civilizations that occupied the territory.

@moyagus3♬ Marvel Studios Fanfare – Geek Music

However, this is not the only occasion in which one of these intelligences has been given the task of representing the mythical self-service store, within aspects unrelated to reality, Well, in recent months it became known how an AIrepresented the Oxxos of the multiverse.

@artistaartificial ???????????? yesterday I started playing for a while and it occurred to me to ask him for oxxos from other universes and I loved the results hahaha #oxxo #oxxotiktok #artificial intelligence #artificialintelligencedrawing #aiart ♬ Ark Patrol Let Go slowed and reverb – adri ????

Today it has become more and more common for people to turn to digital tools to resolve doubts; However, within the use of AI, a debate has begun to be generated about the extent to which the credibility of those who can be observed and even read can be lost.

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