Pamela Rose Reboot: A Nostalgic Reunion of Comedy Duo Kad and Olivier with a Revamped Cast

2023-11-18 07:42:16

The comedy duo reforms to reprise the roles of catastrophic investigators from their old sketches, with a rejuvenated cast.

Those nostalgic for the duo Kad and Olivier, created on OUI FM radio, will reunite with the pair 20 years after the release of the film But who killed Pamela Rose. Inspired by a series sketches created for the Comedy channel, the feature film featured Richard Bullit and Douglas Riper, two clumsy inspectors investigating the death of a stripper.

His humor made a lot of use of the offbeat, notably through a pastiche Americanization, while relying on the comic gimmicks of the two sidekicks. The film had a sequel in 2012, But who killed Pamela Rose againa flop after the success of the first part, which flirted with a million spectators.

Un casting Kamoulox

Already with his second film, Pamela Rose carried out a rejuvenation of its casting, inviting Audrey Fleurot (Gears, HPI), Laurent Laffite (Tapie) or Omar Sy (Lupin) among his secondary roles. This new version of the wacky police adventures of Kad and Olivier follows the same path, recruiting a few young actors, like Panayotis Pascot (LOL who laughs comes out, In Place), but above all a gallery of web stars.

With a pretext scenario, in which a serial killer attacks videographers and influencers, Pamela Rose will highlight guests from the web, such as Mister V, Shirine Boutella, and a few surprise appearances. It remains to be seen whether this facelift will be enough to appeal to all audiences.

“Prestigious collector’s car”

In the trailer, it is rather the first fans of “KDO” who are clearly targeted. Replicas that have become cult, nostalgic humor and of course the presence of the emblematic Renault Fuego, supposed flagship of the French automobile industry in fiction, attest to this.

After separate successful careers, both as an actor for Kad Merad (Welcome to the Ch’tits, Black Baron) than for Olivier Baroux behind the camera (The Tuches), these reunions can nevertheless be tasty. Adept at histrionics, the lifelong friends are keen to reconnect with their past “American class”. See you this November 20 to check it out.

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