Pampita and China Suárez, with such similar tastes that they claim to be “copied”: armchairs, dresses, pajamas and even identical photos of childhood

Carolina Pampita Ardohain and the China Suarez are repeated. Are they copied? Unites them Benjamin Vicuña, current partner of the actress and ex-partner of Pampita. However, in “La cage de la moda” (Ciudad Magazine) they discovered some more things.

So much Pampita as the China they surprised with a very similar photo in an armchair …

Horacio Cabak He showed more “evidence” and spoke of “repeated conduct.” And immediately there were photos of different presentations, with Vicuña in the center of the scene, and very similar dresses, almost identical.

Pampita he used it first ”, he highlighted Matilda White.

Pampita and China Suárez, do they copy each other?

Pampita and The China they were surprised in very similar images, even in childhood, dressed for dance.

“They both sleep the same,” he said. Kriuckauskas and photos were seen with the same pajamas.

Pampita and China Suárez: many similarities.

Pampita and China Suárez: many similarities.


Installed in the Riviera Maya, where you enjoy your vacations, Pampita she wore her belly in a bikini amid the increasingly strong pregnancy rumors.

“Life is too short to waste on negativity… Sit back and enjoy…think POPsitive!” (Life is too short to waste on negativity … Sit back and enjoy … think positive!) Wrote Pampita along with a series of photos and a video showing herself in a bikini on the paradisiacal Mexican beaches.

As is often the case with each of her publications, in a matter of hours the model and host reached more than 134 thousand likes and was filled with comments from his followers.

How could it be otherwise, the first to react to her post was her husband, Roberto Garcia Moritan, who responded with two emojis with allusive heart eyes.

Obviously, among the comments of his fans, the topic of the supposed pregnancy was the order of the day, and most agreed to give credit to the versions that claim that he is expecting a baby.

In his “other house”

After a year as complicated for everyone as 2020 was, no one can doubt that the holidays became something totally necessary. In a 2021 that already has her as the main protagonist due to the pregnancy rumors, Pampita He decided to take a few days to relax with his family, in a luxurious hotel in Mexico.

“At last, in my other house”Pampita wrote in an Instagram story after sharing the first image inside the luxurious hotel located in the Riviera Maya. This establishment has all the comforts that one could wish for when taking vacations, from an all-inclusive service, to a large number of gigantic pools, ideal to enjoy a good splash.

For the little ones, there is also the possibility of accessing a video game room, while adults can opt for a large number of entertainment and activities, such as bars, discos and a variety of outdoor games.

Further, Pampita and your family can also visit the hotel’s private beach, something ideal to avoid large concentrations of people at times when the contagion of the coronavirus is an issue to take into account.

However, the model is not the only one in the Argentine show business who enjoys the comforts of this luxurious hotel, since Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero are also staying, and even Barby Franco said that she would go on vacation at Carolina’s invitation. Undoubtedly, thanks to the frequent visits of Pampita it ended up becoming a quite recognized place in the local show business, will it be on his return that he confirms the most anticipated news? Or is he still not in the sweet wait? to know.

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