Panda weekly discounts from 30 to 70 %, the strongest offers in Saudi Arabia

Panda Saudi offers, Panda discounts on its products are available in Saudi Arabia and offer very large discounts, because they offer the best products, but the prices are cheap, and discounts are on holidays and occasions, sometimes for only one day and then end, and at the end of the day a number of exhibits begin, and Panda market began to offer , but this is because the logo means a lower price, to meet the needs of Saudi customers.

Panda offers up to 70% for 5 days only Shop now

Panda offers Saudi Arabia

Panda discounts The activity started by Panda Market, which means the lowest price, is working hard to reduce the price of all products, including basic foods, because they are always in short supply. Panda Market provides door-to-door delivery, or you can go to your nearest branch, in addition Besides, the offer includes indispensable basic items including oil, sugar, rice, dairy products etc., Panda Market has not forgotten the care of women as well as hair, skin care and skin care products all together we provide for a week or until the final product.

Panda weekly discounts

Panda weekly discounts

more powerful Panda Downloads On different types of milk:

  • Al Rabie Long Life Full Cream Milk, 8 x 1 liter, at 20.95 riyals instead of 36.95 riyals.
  • Long life milk with spring flavors, 18 x 200 ml, at 16.95 riyals instead of 26.95 riyals.
  • Halawa, gentlemen Halawani Brothers, weighing 1 kg, at 19.95 Saudi riyals instead of 31.95 Saudi riyals.
  • Sweetened condensed milk, Nestle pressure pack, 450 grams, 2 tablets, at 24.95 riyals instead of 35 riyals.
  • Freshco powder milk, weighing 2.25 kg, at 33.95 riyals instead of 42.95 riyals.
  • Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder, 2.5 kg, at 54.95 riyals instead of 88.95 riyals.
  • Similar to Almarai cream, 170 grams, 5 grains, at 8.95 Saudi riyals instead of 12.50 Saudi riyals.
Panda weekly discounts
Panda weekly discounts

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