Pandemic staff presents report: The nursing staff has probably infected the residents in Lichtenberg with Corona – Berlin

In the case of a large corona outbreak with deaths in a Lichtenberg nursing home, the staff probably infected the residents. This emerges from a report by the pandemic staff, which the district office informed about on Wednesday evening. The responsible city councilor Martin Schaefer expressed this assumption a few days ago.

According to a spokeswoman, the home had not adequately met the improvements that the medical officer had requested in early October with a view to contacts and hygiene.

At least 15 home residents died in connection with a corona infection in the outbreak. Some of the remaining residents had to be relocated to other facilities. New tests are being evaluated. The spokeswoman said that home staff was the cause of the outbreak, but it can not be said with certainty.

According to the report, the Lichtenberg medical officer has been to the Kursana Domizil Berlin-Lichtenberg nursing home, which belongs to the Dussmann Group, several times since the beginning of October. Among other things, he ordered smears from residents and staff. Quarantine has been imposed on employees who have direct contact with sick residents.

According to the report, the health department informed the State Office for Occupational Safety, Health and Technical Safety Berlin about failures in occupational safety and demanded the operator to provide the hygiene concept and manual.

Protective masks are said not to have been worn

At the end of October 2020, all residents and all staff were tested. On November 5, the medical officer visited the home again and ordered improvements in compliance with the hygiene plan. On November 13, 2020, the nursing home informed about 44 positive test cases. At this point, a total of 12 residents had died.

An insider reports what failures in retirement and nursing homes can mean in concrete terms: poor training of staff, disregard of hygiene rules, lack of control of compliance with the rules by those responsible for the home, inadequate instruction of external staff such as cleaning staff and a lack of German language skills among staff from the Foreign countries.

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In Lichtenberg, protective masks were not worn despite the relevant requirements, he said. The operator was guilty. But that could happen anywhere else.

“We do not want to comment on such blanket allegations,” said a Kursana spokeswoman in the evening. “Of course, we will follow up on all specific indications.” In the press release of the district office it says, among other things: “The pandemic staff assumes that the hygiene measures and conditions are implemented and that the operator carries out close controls and instructions to the hygiene management.”

Operator rejects allegations

The Kursana spokeswoman said: “We affirm that we will consistently ensure that our strict hygiene measures are adhered to and that we monitor this closely.” Kursana has very high safety standards and good hygiene concepts, but not in times of such a far-reaching pandemic could prevent the corona infection chains from also reaching senior care facilities.

“Especially under the winter conditions, with the number of new infections that have increased fivefold each day compared to spring,” added the spokeswoman. “We will of course implement any conditions that have been issued.”

The Kursana spokeswoman wants to name more current infection numbers after evaluating the latest tests on November 17. So far, 30 infected residents are known, plus 17 infected employees in quarantine.

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Berlin’s health senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) had already said on Tuesday that, according to her assessment, human error and operators who do not take the subject of hygiene really seriously could lead to such outbreaks.

Around a third of the people who have died in Berlin since the beginning of the pandemic after corona infections have been residents of old people’s and nursing homes. That comes from data from the health administration on Tuesday.

Accordingly, as of Tuesday, a total of 132 residents of inpatient care facilities died in connection with the virus. According to the Corona situation report on Wednesday, 401 deaths in connection with Sars-CoV-2 were recorded in the capital. (dpa)

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