Pandora, Brace! Brace!, Checler, Sleaford Mods… the playlist of the “Liberation” music book – Liberation

Every weekend, the “Tsugi” web radio accompanies the “Liberation” music book.


What’s at the bottom of Pandora’s box? Disenchantment, scathing protest, nihilistic visions. A rage for the absolute specific to the twenties. And a glimmer of hope. Possible here to invoke Ferré (Memory and the sea, piece that he goes through with panache on stage) or Saez but without resorting to incantations. Guillaume Payet is above all one of those eloquent people, reluctant to have a sense of business, who drown out colors and exacerbate passions, preferring very real dilemmas and intimate anxieties. If he had opted for an acoustic withdrawal on his first try, child of the void, the Lyonnais is now embarking on a road that descends a solid pop-post rock slope.

Stormy orchestration therefore to amplify red, incisive, uncomfortable texts with diffuse anger. By these exhilarating climbs and its battery available to frolic the metric, the title Milgram – in reference to our penchant for self-destruction and to the American psychologist who had conducted an experiment to assess the degree of obedience to authority – proves capable of reconciling lovers of rhythmic immediacy and those of the swirling merry-go-round of words . Elsewhere, Pandora rebukes the algorithm and the social networks that reign over brains (New God), stands against a planetary plague (Plastic) or delivers a powerful firebrand driven by a news item (Immolated). A rebellious voice and certainly not ready to embrace a rose-water career.

pandora Milgram (Saturday 14)

La playlist

Brace! Brace! Places

Calm and French rock (well) sung in English with great elegance. Silky, melodious and refined, the music of this quartet is timeless. Their soothing second album arrives in February.

Checler beats

For a handful of EPs, Checler has hesitated between chanson, rap and pop. The influence of Orelsan is often felt in his latest album, but the talent of this boy will eventually prevail.

Sleaford Mods Don’t Go

Joyful mise en abyme of an emblematic techno pop hit by the most talented electro-punk-rap duo of the moment. Indispensable, at least for Jason Williamson’s orgasmic cries. One beer left?

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges Texas Moon

Like a sequel to lymphatic-country soul Texas Sun which seduced us last year, the Texan collaboration pushes the “cool” plug even further. Like the Doobie Brothers hitting five at Earth Wind & Fire.

Arno E. Mathieu Aurora Balearis (Julien Jabre remix Arak Edit)

School case. The original is already sympatoche but the pioneer of the Frenchy house transcends it in skilfully tucked orientalizing volutes. So betrayal or sublimation? Draw my captain.

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