Paper Mario The Origami King, Ghost of Tsushima, Rocket Arena … JV releases for the week of July 13

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If the previous weeks were rather hollow in terms of JV releases (at least since The Last of Us II), we will be entitled this week to a whole bunch of games eagerly awaited by the gaming community. What to prepare for the holidays!

Ghost of Tsushima

After several months of teasing and trailers, we are finally there! Ghost of Tsushima, the new Sucker Punch game, arrives on PS4 (exclusively) from July 17. It will be an open world whose purpose is to pay homage to historic Japan, with a big emphasis on gameplay focused on action. This is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of the year, so we are very happy that the wait is finally coming to an end!

Paper Mario : The Origami King

Announced in surprise about 2 months ago, Paper Mario The Origami King will be released on July 17 (which will definitely be an important day) only on Nintendo Switch. The opportunity to find this spin-off of Mario’s adventures so much appreciated by fans, where we will (once again) save Princess Peach. Many new mechanics are to be expected in this new entry of the license, and no doubt we can expect a game with a big lifespan!

Rocket Arena

Rocket Arena is a mix of lots of genres: we have Overwatch, Smash Bros (yes), Fortnite (in graphic style). Indeed, we’re on a team game (3v3) whose goal is simply to expel your opponents from the map. To do this, we have rocket spears that inflict more and more damage as the game progresses, making it possible to eject our enemies further and further. A game that promises to be particularly fun, and that will be available on July 14 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Bounty Battle

Bounty Battle is a bit like the Smash Bros of games independent. In this fighting game, we will be able to embody emblematic characters of the independent scene, such as the heroes of Blasphemous, Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon, Guacamelee, Owlboy or even Death’s Gambit.. Something to delight all lovers of junk games, and there are many! Bounty Battle is coming out on July 16 on Switch and PS4.

Death Stranding arrive sur PC

A few months after its exclusive release on PS4, the last game of Hideo Kojima Death Stranding is finally preparing to arrive on PC, from July 14 (to know from tomorrow). This will certainly be an opportunity for many players who have skipped the game to get started, and this in optimal quality. Good news for all keen gamers!



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