Paramedic by training, he manages his IV himself during a transfer

One man was lucky enough to be able to count on his experience, while those who had to take him from Pourtalès hospital to La Chaux-de-Fonds hospital seemed not to know how to proceed.

The Pourtalès site of the Neuchâtel Hospital.

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The Pourtalès site of the Neuchâtel Hospital.

The change of service provider assigned to the transport of patients from the Neuchâtel Hospital Network (RHNE), which took place in early September, had some hiccups.

A patient told «ArcInfo» that he had to compensate for the lack of experience of the staff and ensure his own safety, during his transfer between the Pourtalès site, in Neuchâtel, and that of La Chaux-de-Fonds, where he was to undergo an intervention surgical.

This professional ambulance driver was lucky to be able to count on his knowledge. But his story is cold in the back.

Infusion strapped to a broomstick

Victim of a fractured femoral neck, the man first had to prevent the two men who had come to pick him up from lifting him by the shoulders and legs, which could have caused him serious consequences.

He hoisted himself on the stretcher “probably new but not suitable for the situation”, describes the patient-ambulance driver, alarmed to see himself embarked in a vehicle devoid of any emergency equipment or almost. So it was on a … broomstick that his morphine infusion was strapped.

And during the journey, the patient continued to manage the situation, reducing the dose of the painkiller himself in order to stay awake and be able to react if anything happened. Alerted to this epic transport to say the least, so that this kind of misadventure does not happen again, the RHNE did not deny the facts but stressed that it was the very first mandate of the new company. And admitted that there had been a mistake on the part of the hospital: he should not have asked her for this transfer, but called an ambulance.

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