Parisian Museums Break Attendance Records in 2023: A Cultural Revival

2024-01-04 06:16:00

Good news for culture! In 2023, the major Parisian museums have broken attendance records or at least returned to their pre-Covid levels, according to the latest figures.

Nearly nine million visitors to the Louvre

The most famous of them, the Louvre, displays a total of 8.9 million visitors (+14% compared to 2022), close to its 2019 level (9.6 million visitors), even though it maintained a gauge of 30,000 visitors per day. Note that this limit will also be maintained during the Paris Olympics (July 26-August 11), in order to prioritize the “quality of visits”.

In detail, in 2023, the museum’s collections were admired by 68% of foreign tourists (especially Americans and Europeans) and 32% of French visitors (including 62% of Ile-de-France residents). As in 2022, 60% of them discovered the Louvre for the first time, 43% of whom were under 26 years old. The record attendance at the Louvre dates from 2018: that year, the largest museum in the world welcomed some 10.2 million visitors.

Orsay: a “historic record”

With nearly 3.9 million visitors in 2023, the Musée d’Orsay breaks a “historic record”, and with its counterpart, the Orangerie (1.2 million visitors), totals 5.1 million visitors. visitors.

Its exhibitions such as Manet-Degas, Pastels, from Millet to Redon or Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise, in recent months have been acclaimed by visitors, among whom “the French are back in droves”, confides its general administrator , Pierre-Emmanuel Lecerf. Five weeks before its closure, the Van Gogh exhibition has also already broken “a historic record with 568,000 visitors, or 7,200 every day,” he explains.

Pompidou, Quai Branly: a recovery close to before Covid

Due to close from 2025 for major asbestos removal and renovation work, planned until 2030, the Center Pompidou for its part welcomed more than 2.6 million people in 2023. This attendance is “close to the level of 2019″, he announced, despite a “slowdown at the end of the year”, in particular due to a social movement, which generated several days of closure.

With 1.4 million visits (+40% compared to 2022), the Quai Branly–Jacques Chirac museum also announces “exceptional attendance” in 2023, equivalent to the years before the Covid health crisis.

In Versailles, bomb threats had no impact

For its part, the Palace of Versailles will have 8.1 million visitors in 2023, as in 2019 (there were 6.5 million in 2022). In recent months, a series of bomb threats had forced it several times to evacuate visitors and close its doors, but attendance does not seem to have been affected. Visitors were able to postpone their visit for a few hours or until the next day.

In total, the Center for National Monuments (CMN), which manages around a hundred cultural sites including the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey and the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, reported a “historic record” with 11 million visitors (+15% compared to 2022).

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