Parliament: the 9 general committees of the Senate formed

The various officials were elected on March 28, 2023 during a plenary session led by Vice-President Nfor Tabe Tando.

24 hours after the election of the members of the office of the upper house on behalf of the 2nd legislature, the heads of the 9 general committees were elected on Tuesday. Coming mostly from the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (RDPC), they were voted by acclamation in a democratic spirit. The operations of elections consisted in electing a president, a vice-president and two secretaries for each commission. They took place under the coordination of the president of the CPDM parliamentary group in the Senate, Calvin Zang Oyono and the supervision of the vice-president of the Senate Nfor Tabe Tando.

CPDM Senator Siegfried David Etame Massoma was elected Chairman of the Committee for Constitutional Laws, Human Rights and Freedoms, Justice, Legislation and Regulations, Administration. His colleague from
the UNDP Djafarou Mohamadou was brought to the head of the Committee on Resolutions and Petitions. Meanwhile, CPDM senator René Ze Nguele heads the commission for education, vocational training and youth. Senator Thomas Tobbo Eyoum of the CPDM is at the helm of the commission for economic affairs, programming and regional planning. Bell Luc René of the CPDM was elected chairman of the national defense and security commission. Senator Ganyonga III Doh of the CPDM heads the Foreign Affairs Committee. Élie-Victor Essomba Tsoungui of the CPDM was elected chairman of the finance and budget commission. As for the SDF senator Honoré Ajuoh Ngam, he heads the commission for cultural, social and family affairs.

The only new face is that of Mahamat Abdoul Karim, CPDM senator at the head of the production and trade commission. He replaces Boukari Ousmanou elected secretary to the office of the senate.

Senator Mahamat Abdoul Karim

The establishment of these 9 general committees now enables the senators of the 2nd legislature to fully fulfill their missions.


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