“Parliamentary Committee Discusses Healthcare Funding and Coverage for Incurable Diseases and Children’s Illnesses”

2023-05-08 10:11:00

The Parliamentary Public Health, Labor and Social Affairs Committee held a session this morning in the Parliament, chaired by Representative Bilal Abdullah, who indicated that “the discussion focused on the issue of covering medicines for incurable diseases, in addition to the issue of the spread of some children’s diseases such as measles, perhaps due to the decline in the rate of Coverage of universal immunization, that is, vaccinations, and the issue of hospitals in terms of completing their coverage of Lebanese patients, the inability of the Lebanese to cover the cost of his hospitalization, and the weakness of the guarantor funds to meet or cover hospitalization expenses, and this endangers health security, and this is linked to the economic collapse, and the revitalization of health care centers.

He pointed out that “the next session may discuss all these issues, hoping that we will try to pressure the government to increase some funds for drug coverage, and for us as a health committee, priority must also be given to covering citizens’ expenses, medicine and hospitalization, and I think that this issue has some obstacles, and the issue is not related Not only in the Ministry of Health, but also in the financial situation, and we made a decision in the Health Committee that these matters be a priority, hoping that we will discuss them with the Minister of Health in the next session.

He continued, “Our session was scheduled to be with the Minister of Labor to discuss amendments to the minimum wage and the issue of competition for foreign workers, and the discussion was postponed to a second session due to the Minister of Labor’s apology.”

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The session was attended by Representatives Qassem Hashem, Taha Naji, Ali Al-Miqdad, Fadi Alama, Samer Al-Tom, Inaya Ezzedine, Abdel-Rahman Al-Bizri, Amin Shri and Ibrahim Al-Musawi.

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