‘Pat Power Pat’ knocks on the rust, the DJ event opens the disc. First show in 20 years

Is another talented singer for the young man “Pat-Worayot Boonthongnom” or “Pat Power Pat”, in addition to composing music, playing music, art, and also traveling as a speaker to convey life experiences that have been missed To teach and inspire not let anyone be astray like himself The queue of speakers is long until next year. It can be said that since being liberated, he has received many good opportunities.

Most recently, he returned to knock rust on DJ work in the style of EDM or Electronic dance music that he had done 20 years ago because it was another talent he had with him since he was a teenager. After more than 2 months of lurking and practicing DJing, Pat is now ready to go into this line of work. By preparing for the first show on Friday, December 9th

“Right now, there are many things to do. Apart from music, there are other jobs as well. Another serious job now is being a speaker. Go and convey life experiences that I have made mistakes to give perspective to others. So that you won’t choose the wrong path like me. In the past, there have been many contacts. Now there is a queue until next year. Like this month, there are many other provinces as well. Wherever we go, besides talking, we also play music for us. Because I want the atmosphere to be interesting. There is both information and entertainment. and inspired to return

I went back to revive DJ courses. Because I used to play during my teens, when I was in my early 20s, I was already interested in this field of science. But at that time I was a singer first and then a DJ. Play seriously and buy your own equipment. was done in conjunction with singing The last time I caught this event was about 20 years ago. At that time, I went to open various product launch events. According to the club, there are some that have been doing it for almost 2 years.

At that time, I used to be in a DJ contest too. It is the first program in the country that brings children in Thailand to compete. Stage facing the sea a very good experience At that time, before making a career as a DJ, I also went to study at an institute that also taught DJs. It’s serious as well.

This time it’s called coming back to review this knowledge in the past 20 years. Let’s update techniques, technologies and new music styles. Including the style and culture of people who listen to EDM or Electronic dance music.

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