Patricia Bullrich assured that Elisa Carrió gives “a degrading show”

The president of the Pro party, Patricia Bullrich, questioned in harsh terms Elisa Carrion” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>Elisa Carrion, after his criticism of other leaders of Together for Change. The leader said that the leader of the Civic Coalition “gives a degrading show” y asked “to end the impunity of the word”.

Through an explosive Twitter thread, Bullrich reacted to Carrió’s controversial statements. “As president of the PRO, I cannot look favorably on the degrading spectacle of Elisa Carrió, hit leaders of Together for Change objecting to their ethical conduct“, wrote. “And this without looking at her own and her allies. Enough, Carrio“, He launched.

The impunity of the word has to end”, demanded the head of Pro. In that sense, she sympathized with other important leaders of Together for Change, questioned by the former deputy. “Demote to Gerardo Moralespresident of the UCR and governor of Jujuy, to Christian Ritondopresident of the PRO Bloc of the Chamber of Deputies, to Emilio Monzonational deputy for Together for Change”, he objected.

In the same sense, he questioned the proposals made against other figures of the coalition, interpreted as disqualifications, such as the former minister Roger Frigeriothe legislator and his former official in the Ministry of Security, Gerardo Milmanand the neurosurgeon, Facundo Manes. “To defend positions of power from his force is not acceptable,” he snapped.

“Although I do not always agree with them in their positions, I will not accept the insult to our leaders, nor to others who make up our coalition. It’s not worth everything. It’s not worth that ‘because it’s Carrió no one faces it‘” added the former security minister.

Bullrich demanded an internal review and expressed that the coalition could be weakened by these proposals. “As president of the PRO I say enough and I will not shut up. Unity is the most powerful tool against Kirchnerism”, he stated. And he expanded: “Whoever attempts against her puts at risk the construction of change that millions of Argentines dream of”.

In statements to LN+, Elisa Carrion He had referred this Tuesday to the inmates of Together for Change and showed a critical stance. In fact, he said that Massa’s “empowerment” “cleaned up” Togetherbetween those who wanted to do neo-Peronism and those who were closer to radicalism and Pro. “Some wanted to confuse a neo-PJ with Massa”he warned.

It has to have decent rules, they can’t have more business.”, the former deputy had maintained. In that sense, she revealed a harsh dialogue that she had with Mauricio Macri: “I told him that I am tired of there being a double game, and I am going to speak. And he told me that I’m right. I already spoke, and the quake there is… They call me at all hours, but I clarify that the unit is insured”.

Although Together for Change ruled out some time ago a national alliance with Javier Miley, Patricia Bullrich admitted this Tuesday an alternative that can bring the two spaces closer together in the electoral competition of 2023. The president of the PRO suggested analyzing the possibility of making agreements in provinces or localities.

Bullrich expressed himself in this way during a tour of Bahía Blanca. There he ratified that Together for Change will have its own candidates at the national level next year, but considered “interesting” that the opposition alliance can explore agreements with the libertarian space at a “subnational level”.

“Definitely are decisions that will be made by the districts and in many places they are working together and in others they are not, but when you think about it in subnational terms it could be an interesting meeting“, held.

Within the framework of a local conference, the head of Pro was consulted about the framework of alliances in 2023. The former Minister of Security considered, in this sense, both the space led by Javier Miley as the one who heads José Luis Espertin the province of Buenos Aires.

“We are in a very difficult moment in the country. We are prioritizing the construction of the conception, of ideas, of the program of the districts. The strength that the PRO and JxC have to have for this next election”, added Bullrich.

For example, the head of PRO recalled that in 2021 the Together for Change ticket “won by one and a half points” against the list of the Front of All. “Then the division does not suit us”, he reflected.

In April, Together for Change had approved that the incorporations to the forces be resolved unanimously. That requirement opens up different perspectives within the coalition.

The proposal suggested by Bullrich generates noisein fact. As soon as the alliance with Milei was ruled out in April, the deputy Fernando Iglesias He wondered if the requirement to unanimously approve incorporations by force covers the provinces.

“The incorporations to Together for Change must have the unanimous approval of all the coalition parties. Excellent idea with a view to 2023. It also applies to the provinces, right?

In the midst of internal tensions, and with a strong dispute over internal leadership, Together for Change resolved on April 27 to close the door to an alliance with Milei. The decision was made at the headquarters of the Hannah Arendt Institute, the Think Tank of the Civic Coalition.

On that occasion, when the internal regulations were discussed, they established that the incorporation of new spaces must be resolved unanimously. And there they expressed themselves about the role of the leader of Libertad Avanza.

as posted THE NATIONthe high command of space agreed that Milei who “is not part of Together for Change” and that the positioning strategy of the libertarian is “functional” to Kirchnerism, because it seeks to divide the opposition alliance.

Bullrich, Morales, Cornejo and Valdés, among others, write the statement

“We are change without anarchy. We were and are the limit to the Kirchnerism that Argentina needs and the alternative of profound change”, He pointed out the declaration signed by the different party leaders such as Mauricio Macri, Bullrich, Gerardo Morales, and Maximiliano Ferraro, among others.

However, the owner of the PRO had objections to this position and the exclusion of Milei, as published THE NATION. The former Macri official distanced herself from the libertarian veto after the release of that statement that expressly mentioned the leader of La Libertad Avanza.

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