Patrick Mahomes’ brother faces sexual assault charges

Serious allegations against the brother of NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes!

Jackson Mahomes allegedly assaulted the owner and a waiter at a south Kansas City restaurant.

As the Kansas City Star reports, the 22-year-old brother of the Chiefs quarterback entered the “Aspen Restaurant and Lounge” with five friends on Saturday night last week.

Accordingly, they first pushed a young waiter several times who wanted to get a water bottle in an office.

Video shows attacks by Mahomes

Later, it is said, Mahomes grabbed the owner Aspen Vaughn in her office by the neck and kissed him at least twice without her consent. The grip was so severe that it left a slight bruise on Vaughn’s neck. Vaughn is the stepmother of a friend of Mahomes’, so they both know each other well.

She believes Mahomes consumed marijuana and alcohol that night, the report said. According to her statements, the police evaluated the video from the surveillance camera and informed her that they wanted to bring charges of sexual assault against Mahomes.

The video shows her being harassed and forcefully kissed by Mahomes.

“I was in shock,” Vaughn told the Kansas City Star. She rebuked Mahomes and told him he was out of his mind.

The waiter initially did not file a complaint and is not sure whether he will do so, it is said.

Mahomes-Anwahlt denies allegations

Mahomes’ lawyer has vehemently denied the allegations against his client.

“Jackson has done nothing wrong,” said Davies. “Our investigation has uncovered substantial evidence disproving the allegations made by Jackson’s accuser, including testimonies from multiple witnesses.”

He has contacted law enforcement agencies to provide them with the results of their investigation “so they can get a full picture of the matter,” the anwahlt said.

Jackson Mahomes has benefited from his brother’s popularity for years and already has over a million followers on Tik Tok. He produces many videos while watching his brother’s games on site.

However, he was also often noticed for his inconsiderate and impolite behavior. Now this behavior could have serious consequences for him for the first time.

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