Pattani Province Attack: Police vs Insurgents – Latest News and Analysis

2023-06-11 01:23:00

There was a scene of a gunman attacking! Police protecting the railway in Pattani province killed one person and snatched two firearms, officials suspected to be the same insurgents in the area.

The scene of a mobster riding a motorcycle shot at a police suit protecting the railway. At the road fort, crossing the Ban Na Pradu Railway, Khok Pho District, Pattani Province, using M16 and 9mm, firing several shots before seizing 2 guns

after knowing Pol. Col. Chatchai Chanasit, Superintendent of Na Pradu Police Station bring in the force to help the officers Along with informing the arrest of the villain who caused the crime When he arrived, one police officer was injured, being shot several times in the head and body. therefore taken to Khok Pho Hospital, knowing the name of Pol. Lt. Col. Phichak Buakaew, 22 years old, squad commander

Pattani gas station fire, 2 gangsters found

Two gas station fires in Pattani area Officers investigate the incident

Royal Thai Army commander asks to investigate Pattani bombing Do not believe that it is not related to the change through the post of RMUTT 4

But because the bullet hit the vital organs therefore died later In addition, at the scene Still found several shots of gun casings, both long guns and short guns, so the officers have collected them as evidence.

From the investigation, it was learned that while Lt. Lt. Phichak Is performing safety duties for the power plant’s staff By Sgt. Lt. Phichak Responsible for the outside security of the fort. It appears that there are 6 assailants using 3 motorcycles as vehicles with 2 long guns and 1 shotgun.

It is expected that the rifle is an M16 by 1 of the assailants sitting in the pillion. Dressed in a woman’s dress, covering her face, she came to park. near the scene before using firearms to fire Lt. Lt. Pijak, several shots immediately hit the head and body. Causing the injury to fall immediately Before the villain got out of the car and stole one of the officer’s guns and rushed to escape

However, after the incident, the officers notified all officers. Set up a checkpoint, an extraction point along the escape route of the villain. in order to chase this group of villains to come and walk the case As for the cause, it is expected to be the work of the insurgent coalition. who want to cause an incident with an officer to create a situation This incident is believed to have The criminals had already watched the behavior of the officers before. And know when the officers will come to take care of the security at the fort before seizing the opportunity to cause this event

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