Paul Stich was re-elected as chairman of the Socialist Youth Austria with 85.54%

2024-02-17 17:29:31

SJ-Stich: “In order to overcome the crises of today, we have to break with the rules of the market!”

Vienna (OTS) – At the 40th Association Day of the Socialist Youth Austria in Neudörfl in Burgenland, Paul Stich was re-elected as chairman of the SJÖ. In addition to the elections, content positioning is also decided at the SJ Association Day.

In his speech, Stich discussed in detail the multiple crises of the present, including the climate crisis. “We no longer have time for rejections and pseudo-solutions – we need a climate policy that really deserves its name. We can neither rely on the current federal government, which has owed us a climate protection law for more than 1,000 days, nor on those who always tell us that state intervention in the interests of the climate does not work. It is clear to us: If you want to solve the climate crisis, you have to break the rules of the market once and for all! “That is the lesson that needs to be learned from the past decades,” says Stich.

Stich also emphasized the need for a radical policy change in connection with current education policy: “The current madness in the education and training sector is happening contrary to any scientific knowledge of how meaningful learning can be designed. Regardless of whether it is the unfair pay of apprentices in inter-company apprenticeships, the pointless adherence to a separation after the 4th school year in secondary school and high school or the German classes: ÖVP and FPÖ are guarantees for a meaningless education policy. This is particularly evident in the German classes introduced under Black and Blue. This was not about children and young people and their education, but solely about making racist policies – if necessary, on the backs of children and young people. We will prevent children and young people from becoming playthings for conservative ideologies again,” continued Stich.

Last but not least, Stich warned of the rising right-wing extremism in Europe and the danger of a black-blue coalition after the National Council election: “Right-wing symbolic politics, smoke grenades and the trampling on those who can least defend themselves are common in the politics of blue-black political areas. Not just in education policy, but also in the labor market, in the question of affordable housing or in women’s policy, where nothing has happened for years apart from ignorance and empty announcements. We can’t trust the words of Nehammer & Co.: ÖVP and FPÖ will get into bed with each other as soon as they get the opportunity. What happens then could already be seen with the last black-blue coalition: workers’ rights are restricted and the welfare state is further undermined, plus a racist worldview that is being represented more and more blatantly. Majorities beyond both parties are therefore needed to finally make political progress possible again in Austria – we will make our contribution to this!”

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