Paulo Kablan’s playful proposal to his partner in MasterChef: “If tonight goes well, we’ll get married”

After being moved to tears on several occasions talking about how he feels about his family, Paulo Kablan He showed his most tender side again and risked it for an unexpected proposal to his partner, Edith Garibotti, in MasterChef Celebrity 3.

It all started when Santiago del Moro He wanted to know more about the relationship between the journalist and the mother of his children Pedro, Diego, Facundo Y Joaquin: “Your wife is a fan of pastry, How many years have you been with her? inquired

I turned 29 on December 8, and as I said last time, I would choose her again for another 29 years”, He added, while making it clear that he never went through the Civil Registry with the woman who has conquered his heart for almost three decades.

At that moment and at the request of the driver, Kablan doubled the bet: “Will you marry me Garibotti? If it goes well for me tonight, I’ll offer you marriage. If not, no”, he launched, before the outburst of all those present.

Finally, after winning the gold medal of the night by decision of the jury, Paulo maintained his position and sweetened his words live: “I am making everything public in this program. But hey, 29 years of living together and I want to go for another 29. Will you marry me, Garibotti?“.

What a moment!


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