Pay attention.. These are important steps you must take before selling a mobile phone

Mobile phone millions around the world may have to get rid of it to renew it in order to get a newer version.

But they have many concerns, which is the worry that the new buyer of the phone will seize photos or personal data.

Although mobile phone users erase photos and personal data before selling their phones.

However, they make some mistakes that allow the new buyer to recover that data using some simple programs.

The most important thing is to just go into the settings and do a factory reset.

Steps to take before selling your mobile phone

As well as the desire of mobile phone users to avoid mistakes that make them easy prey for hackers to take over their personal data.

According to the “Colors” website, there are steps that you must follow before selling your mobile phone to ensure that your personal photos cannot be recovered, as follows.

Mobile shutdown.

Pressing the “power” button simultaneously with clicking the volume up arrow button continuously.

– Keep pressing in this way until the phone starts to turn on, then release the “power” button.

And keep pressing the volume up arrow button until a new window opens in it, giving you several options.

Then choose wipe data/factory reset.

Then do a factory reset.

After that, the mobile will do a format.

Reboot system now will then appear, then you have to press OK using the “power” button.

After restarting the mobile, you have to shoot hundreds of random photos from your phone.

Then do those previous steps to delete them twice, to ensure that the new buyer of the phone is not able to recover those photos with any kind of different software.

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