Pd, Serracchiani and the axis with Delrio: this is how the anti-Schlein blitz was born: –

Mira Brunello

Nobody saw her coming, after 14 months of secretariat she risks everyone seeing her go. It takes genius, perhaps of a particular kind, to always complicate your life, and to constantly get closer to the edge of the ravine. It will be said that Elly Schlein had previously demonstrated a natural predisposition to disasters, a sort of black thumb, yet the film of the dramatic (and gratuitous) Sunday of the Democratic Party tells many things about the current tenant of the Nazarene. For example, the WhatsApp message sent before 8 in the morning on the day indicted by the brave Igor Taruffi (already known throughout Italy for his messes) in which the PD secretary’s intention to link his name to the symbol is made known, just over two hours before the direction that that name and symbol should have approved. In practice Elly makes a general agreement with Stefano Bonaccini, she takes a step back on the candidacy in all 5 constituencies (leader only in the Center and in the Islands), accepts the complete package of the minority (including the candidacy of Lello Topo in the South) , he comes up with the crazy idea about the symbol. A suicidal agreement for both. Naturally, one minute after the President of the Democratic Party’s statement, the Democratic Party explodes.

“We will have Emiliano resign”.  The center-right wants a coup in Puglia

The first to lash out is the former president of Dem deputies Debora Serracchiani, always in close contact with her predecessor Graziano Delrio, who has long had the Presidency of Emilia Romagna in his sights and who sees the reopening of a passage to enter among the eligible candidates. So the senator follows his colleague and opens friendly fire against Elly. Meanwhile, Prodi’s anathema comes from Naples: “These are wounds of democracy.” In short, a deluge of no’s, not only the minority, but above all Dario Franceschini, Andrea Orlando, Giuseppe Provenzano, the leaders of the currents that supported him in February 2023. In a few hours Elly manages to lose the Bulgarian majority that she had in the Dem parliament, with only her loyalists left, Francesco Boccia, and the “pardoned” Nicola Zingaretti who already feels like head of delegation in Brussels, plus a few complementary sardines (like Jasmine Cristallo surprisingly placed fifth in the Southern constituency). Even Lucia Annunziata, head of the list in the South, makes her opinion known: «I completely disagree, the name in the symbol is the transformation of the PD into a personal party». To say that the secretary’s sudden about-face is the realization that she no longer has the party behind her.

Goodbye Elly!  Even those of the Democratic Party don't want her, leader halved

So in the afternoon the agencies launched a flash attributed to Pd sources: «A proposal that is more divisive than strengthening». A few minutes later, the PD secretary herself announced in an Instagram live broadcast: “I will give my contribution by running on the list together with the team.” In short, the surname disappears. At the same time, the issue relating to the Islands constituency opens up. “I regret the fact that this commitment was not given the right consideration by the regional secretary and for this reason, in the next few hours I will reflect on what to do”, is the message entrusted to social media by the outgoing MEP Pietro Bartolo, saddened by having been included on the list only at number four (after Nicita who is in second place). An alarm that forces the secretary to mention it during the same Instagram live broadcast: «I am very attached to Pietro Bartolo and his battles for migrants». Basically another dog day afternoon for Elly, dealing with the «Vietnam» Pd.

The general against the champion of gays: the Vannacci-Zan super challenge in the north-east

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