Pd, the loyalists who took money from Soros. And Fratoianni and Cucchi appear –

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George Soros among the financiers of the Democratic Party. Adnkronos managed to get its hands on a document which attests to how some Dem politicians received money from the Hungarian-born tycoon. But how does the grant mechanism work? It all starts from the Swedish foundation Democracy & Pluralism, close to Soros, which finances the “Agenda” association based in Rome founded in 2022 by the American environmentalist and former electoral guru of Barack Obama, Jessica Shearer, who in turn finances the activities Sifting through the list of contributions for political activity, not only electoral, (ex article 4 of law 659/81 regarding the obligation of joint declarations for financing parties, those elected in representative assemblies and candidates) addressed to the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies and received from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2023, a big name from the Democratic Party also appears, Giuseppe Provenzano, former minister of the South and current Dem deputy, who is part of secretary Schlein’s team as head of Foreign Affairs.

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Cards in hand Provenzano received 13 thousand 211.97 euros from «Agenda» two years ago, a contribution for the provision of «registered» services, in technical jargon, on 2 January 2023. The association has three other co-founding members: Rachele Scarpa, the youngest deputy of the 19th legislature to whom Schlein entrusted delegations on two key sectors, youth and health; Caterina Cerroni, national secretary of the Young Democrats, and Sofia Di Patrizi, feminist activist who became metropolitan spokesperson for the Democratic Women of Genoa in 2023. Both Scarpa and Cerroni obtained funding from «Agenda» for their political and electoral activity: the former collected around 24 thousand euros in two tranches (one of 20 thousand 299.58 euros in services and the other of 4 thousand euros, dating back to 2022 and traced on 9 January 2023), while the second had 7 thousand 800 euros in 2022 and 64 thousand 831.85 euros (the latter sum in services) in the same year. Scarpa ended up in the eye of the storm for some sentences written on social media in which she spoke of “Israel’s apartheid regime” and “acts of war and repression against civilians by the Israeli government”. Ouidad Bakkali, another PD deputy, deputy secretary of the party in Emilia-Romagna, benefited from 77 thousand 418.79 euros in the form of services in 2022.

They sympathize with the attackers.

The Italian non-profit also financed the deputy Valentina Ghio, former mayor of Sestri Levante (38 thousand 504.27 euros in services in 2022); the regional councilor in Lazio, Marta Bonafoni, lieutenant of Schlein in Rome and coordinator of the national Dem secretariat (10 thousand euros in 2023); Katia Piccardo, mayor of Rossiglione and deputy secretary of the Democratic Party of Genoa (22 thousand 159.57 euros in services received in 2022); the parliamentarian Marco Sarracino, responsible for cohesion, South and internal areas of the national secretariat, (29 thousand 765.49 euros in services provided in 2022). The one who wrote “Happy Anniversary of the Revolution” on social media. Bolshevik, obviously complete with photos of Lenin and the Red Army. Senator Antonio Misiani also received money, 63,318 euros in goods and services. But not only those from the Democratic Party took money. Nicola Fratoianni saw some activities financed together with his party colleague Ilaria Cucchi who pocketed 150,729 euros in goods and services during the 2022 elections. FdI senator Raffaele Speranzon thundered: «It is necessary to clarify foreign funding for movements politicians in the middle of the election campaign.”

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