PDI shot and killed a driver after avoiding control and trying to run over officials

A man was shot dead by personnel from the Investigative Police (PDI) during an incident that occurred on Tuesday night after an alleged attempt to run over police officers in the capital commune of Independencia.

The incident occurred around 10:00 p.m. at the intersection of the avenue Fermín Vivaceta and Gamero street, when the police officers detained a vehicle – with five occupants – that did not carry its license and had a commission due to theft.

The driver fled and, as reported by the PDI, tried to run over the uniformed men.

It is at that moment when police personnel decided to take out their service weapon to fire at least five shots against the vehicle, whose driver finally died at the San José Hospital.

The four remaining occupants of the car were arrested.

The Theft Investigation Brigade (BIRO) of the PDI investigates the possible association of this group with a series of robberies with intimidation perpetrated in recent weeks in the eastern sector of Santiago.

One of those assaults affected the son of Sergio Pérez, president of the National Confederation of Cargo Transport of Chile (CNTC) a few days ago.

“Not being able to leave the place where he was, because he had vehicles in the back and front, (the driver) extracted a firearm with which he pointed at the police officers. Before this situation and seeing in danger of the physical integrity of all the officers who were in charge of the procedure, logically, they proceed to shoot with their firearms, which hit the body of this person “, detailed the curator Óscar Bacovic, from BIRO.


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