Pedro Alfonso asked that Alberto Fernández end his mandate: “Everything went to…”

2023-07-30 16:56:53

This Saturday, Pedro Alfonso asked that Alberto Fernández end his term and was very dissatisfied with his political management. In dialogue with Marcelo Polino, the actor gave his opinion on the path of the current president, but then he turned to his words and said that he still supports him.

In the program Authentic Polino: IntimatePedro Alfonso talked about everything, from the nostalgia he feels when presenting the latest performances of his comedy A perfect plan to current politics and the presidential elections.

“What view do you have of Alberto (Fernández) and of this management that is ending?” Polino wanted to know. “Let it end,” launched Alfoso without a filter. “I had been excited when the pandemic was around, the way he communicated and everything. Then I think it all went anywhere, ”he added in a hopeless tone.

Pedro said that he does not know who he will vote for in the PASO, but he assured that he will support whoever takes office. There, the producer turned to his words and defended the current Argentine president: “I don’t care who the president is, man or woman, of which party, but that he does things. Whenever a president appears I support. Now that Alberto is here, I support him, but hey, it’s difficult.”

Pedro Alfoso assured that the worst thing that the candidates have are the campaign spots

“Beyond what I vote for, I want whoever comes to finally fix these things and all the basics,” he said, to which he later added: “You have to trust. We have a wonderful country,” he remarked.

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Despite his very positive vision, the interviewee acknowledged that there is a lot of uncertainty at the time of casting the vote: “For some time now, there are many of us who are there who do not know, but well, I do not lose confidence. I hope things change. It’s difficult but not impossible”.

The driver asked him what he thought of Patricia Bullrich’s campaign, but the actor did not want to give his opinion on the matter. Similarly, he was very dissatisfied with the spots advertisements of all candidates.

“The worst thing they have are the spots. It already makes me angry from there, how they treat us with the spots and advertisements and talk to us as if we were… I don’t know, it’s very strange if you start to analyze it. It is the summary of what they think, what they do and how they move. The truth is that sometimes it seems that they are charging you, but I say again to whoever has to be, you have to support and we will get out of this, ”she remarked.

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