Pelé’s health condition is worsening according to the Sao Paulo hospital where he is being treated

Three weeks after his admission to the Albert-Einstein hospital in São Paulo, the condition of King Pelé still raises concerns. On Wednesday, doctors released a statement acknowledging a progression of oncological disease » and the need for care to monitor a “kidney and heart dysfunction” of his famous patient who suffers from colon cancer. The triple world champion, 82, remains in a classic room and has not been admitted to intensive care, the hospital said.

A little earlier, the daughters of Pelé had made it known that the state of health of their father did not allow a glimpse of a return home for the Christmas holidays. “ We decided for several reasons that it would be better to stay here with all the care that the Einstein family gives us.Kelly explained, noting that the love of the fans represented a “huge comfort” for the Brazilian legend.

He watched the World Cup final

Pelé was admitted to the hospital on November 30 and since then the information concerning his state of health has often diverged. On day one, ESPN Brasil reported that Pelé had “the body swollen, he would present heart failure and significant mental confusion”. Those around him denied it. Later is everyday life Newspaper which informed that the King had been placed in palliative care, which had caused the anguish of an entire people.

But the various press releases from the hospital were reassuring, like the testimony of his daughter Kelly on the show Fantastic from Globe TV. She confided that her father had caught the Covid and that the lung infection he was treating was the consequence.

On Sunday, according to those around him, Pelé watched the World Cup final. His staff, through a message on Instagram, even hailed the title of Lionel Messi and the spectacular match of his “Friend Mbappé”.

Failing to post a photo of her dad, Kelly joked that her hospital room was going to become a sambadrome and the caipirinha (a Brazilian cocktail) was going to flow to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, the reality will be much less celebratory for the footballing legend, whose face we haven’t seen since a post celebrating his birthday on October 23.

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