“Pengbo Intelligent Manufacturing” digital intelligence changes life

March 25, 2023 09:44:42

Source: Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Li Xuejun

□ Li Xuejun, trainee reporter of our newspaper

“In the past, there was always no parking space when picking up and dropping off children. Now, using the ‘City Park Tong’ APP, you can immediately know whether there is a parking space in the nearby parking lot. In addition, car owners can also click on the search bar and enter the destination by themselves. Distance, fees The standard and other information are clear at a glance, and you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space anymore, and there is no charge within 30 minutes, and it also supports non-inductive payment and self-service payment, which is very convenient.” Citizen Mr. Li sincerely praised.

Behind the convenient travel of citizens is the Harbin Smart Parking Project undertaken by Pengbo Group as a software technology service provider and Harbin Urban Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., which has brought tangible changes to the city’s static traffic construction.

Founded in 2013, Pengbo Group is a high-tech industrial group with information technology as the core and integrated development of multiple industries. Its core business covers software research and development, system integration, engineering construction, business incubation and other fields. Recently, the reporter walked into Pengbo Group to experience the new changes brought about by digital intelligence and feel the new kinetic energy of “Pengbo Intelligent Manufacturing”.

Entering the company, the first thing that catches the eye is a huge electronic screen. According to Li Xiaoyu, Director of Marketing Center of Pengbo Group, this is Harbin’s smart parking data platform. “This platform hosts the main interface of the smart parking system, where today’s order volume, revenue, real-time data of cars entering and exiting the parking lot, recent income statistics, etc. are presented in a concentrated manner. These data come from high-level monitoring in every corner of our city , geomagnetic sensing and other sensing devices.” Li Xiaoyu pointed to the screen and introduced, “Subverting the traditional manual payment mode, the system adopts various self-service payment such as non-inductive payment, online payment, and QR code payment. In addition, the system covers the parking business of all the main urban areas of Harbin City. Through long-term data analysis, the demand for parking spaces is studied and judged, and the parking management department of the city is responsible for the operation management, parking planning and policy formulation of the parking lot. Provide effective support to accelerate the ‘upgrade’ of digital equipment and management models in our province.”

“Hello, welcome to call the 12345 government service hotline. May I help you…” As a convenient, efficient, standardized and intelligent government service “general customer service”, Pengbo Group and China Mobile Heilongjiang Company jointly built the provincial 12345 The convenience hotline project, on the basis of traditional government hotlines, uses new technologies such as intelligent quality inspection, intelligent customer service, and big data analysis to run through the overall business process of “receiving, transferring, handling, supervising, testing, and evaluating” and promotes the province’s government affairs. The completion rate and satisfaction rate of the service convenience hotline.

Wu Xiuying, deputy general manager of Pengbo Group, introduced that in recent years, the company has been deeply involved in the construction of Longjiang digital city, and has developed rapidly in various fields of smart ecology such as smart government affairs, smart transportation, smart water affairs, smart agriculture, smart education, and smart party building. A “new force” in the field of Internet development in the industry, and has successively obtained CMMI3 international certification, national high-tech enterprise, national digital business enterprise, Heilongjiang new research and development institution, Heilongjiang technological innovation center and other system certifications.

To promote high-quality development, policies are the “burner” and “accelerator”. Wu Xiuying said that for a long time, Pengbo Group has been continuously receiving policy support from various aspects of our province while expanding its industrial scale and enhancing its innovation capabilities. “For example, rewards and subsidies for high-tech enterprises, talent policies, financial support for major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects in the digital economy, etc. These policies are of great help to enterprises’ R&D innovation and market development. The whole process is inseparable from the support of the government.”

A good business environment is the best “plane tree” and the biggest “magnet”. In the process of development, Pengbo Group has also really felt the new changes in the business environment of our province. Wu Xiuying said that in recent years, Heilongjiang Province has deepened reform and innovation, attached great importance to the development of the digital economy, and actively benchmarked against international and domestic first-class standards, so that the majority of enterprises can learn from experience and have the confidence to develop.

“In the future, Pengbo Group will continue to develop new fields, new tracks, new kinetic energy, and new advantages, and further improve the company’s product research and development level and production efficiency, thereby accelerating the integration and application of emerging technologies in the industry, and strengthening technology to lead industry development. It will inject new impetus into the development of a technologically powerful country,” Wu Xiuying said.

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