Perisic + Son Heung-min to start against Manchester United (British media)

[골닷컴] Reporter Dong-Ho Kim = Tottenham Hotspur face Manchester United. Local media expected Heung-Min Son to form a three-top with Harry Kane and Ivan Perisic.

Tottenham will play an away match against Manchester United in Round 11 of the 2022/23 season at Old Trafford, Manchester, England at 4:15 am (Korean time) on the 20th. Tottenham are currently cruising in third place in the league with 23 points.

This match is an important match for Tottenham. A win over Manchester United is a golden opportunity to widen the points gap with fifth-placed Manchester United. In addition, they can narrow the points with first-placed Arsenal and second-placed Manchester City, or compete in league races in line with each other.

Ahead of the game, the British Manchester Evening News introduced the expected lineup. With goalkeeper Lloris as the pivot, Romero, Dyer, Davis, Doherty, Bentancour, Hoyvier, Sessegnon, Heung-Min Son, Kane, and Perisic were expected to start in the starting lineup.

The accompanying sortie of Perisic and Son Heung-min is an interesting point. Recently, it has been pointed out that Son’s power is halved when playing with Perisic. Because of Perisic’s presence, Son Heung-min is unable to penetrate the left flank as much as he wants. In fact, Son Heung-min has been playing center-oriented since Conte took over as manager. Heung-Min Son has scored five goals this season, all while playing with Sessegnon rather than Perisic.

But ‘Football London’ said, “Perisic is one of the best wingbacks in the world, and the partnership with Son Heung-min is only in its infancy. They are both the best players and we will learn and understand each other’s styles and grow.”

Tottenham Hotspur recently suffered a power leak due to Rischalisson’s injury. Perisic will fill the void left by Richalisson. Until now, Heung-Min Son stood in front and Perisic was in the back, but this time Heung-Min Son and Perisic are running with both wings. As it is a different formation from the past, attention is focused on whether Son Heung-min and Perisic’s compatibility will produce different results against Manchester United.

There are players who benefit from Perisic moving forward. That’s Sessegnon. Sessegnon played mainly as a backup for Perisic. However, it is expected that Sessegnon will benefit from the departure of Richalisson.

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