Pérsico promises 80 thousand people to the act of Cristina Kirchner: asks for a single candidate

2023-05-24 16:39:00

The national official and leader of the Evita Movement, emilio persicoreferred to the meeting he had with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner this Tuesday in the Senate, days before the act for the 20th anniversary of the assumption of Néstor Kirchner. “You have to do what Cristina says, take out the marshal’s baton and go out and look for votes”, he expressed.

The friction between one of the broadest social movements in the country and the vice president were finally put aside, after the photo that was released this Tuesday and in which Pérsico, the pre-candidate for mayor of La Matanza, Patricia Cubría, participated; the national deputy Leonardo Grosso; the mayor of Moreno, Mariel Fernández; and the province’s deputy ombudsman, Eduardo “Cholo” Ancona. Máximo Kirchner even participated in one of the portraits.

“The leaders of the Evita Movement went to talk to Cristina to ask her that we are going to mobilize and accompany her on the spot,” Pérsico said on the morning of May 24 in dialogue with Navarro 2023 by The Endless Uncover.

Unexpected truce: Cristina and Máximo received the Evita Movement

Gone are the grudges of 2022 where the head of the Senate exclaimed in an act “if Evita saw them!”, with the subsequent responses of the movement. To such an extent those fights were forgotten that Pérsico acknowledged: “Cristina is the one with the most important space here and has to make the most important decisions“.

On the other hand, he spoke of the act that is going to be held this Thursday in Plaza de Mayo in homage to Kirchner and assured: “Tomorrow we are going to mobilize more than fifty thousand comrades and some thirty thousand from other organizations”.

Last week, Evita was also in the streets but with a particular slogan: it mobilized together with Unidad Piquetera and other organizations to claim Victoria Tolosa Paz in front of the Ministry of Social Development. The singularity resides in the fact that Pérsico is Secretary of Social Economy in the portfolio.

Kirchnerism prepares Cristina’s act while the inmate with Alberto Fernández is enlivened

What Pérsico said about the meeting with Cristina and Máximo Kirchner

The social referent also spoke of the dance of unconfirmed candidates in the Frente de Todos and differed from the position of Alberto Fernández to settle the national candidacies in a primary. “We are in favor of the PASO as a general definition for the policy to be renewed, but for the national ones we support the candidate who represents the project Cristina is talking about,” he said.

On the other hand, he denied that candidates were discussed in the meeting with Cristina Kirchner and agreed to his idea of ​​discussing a program to return to the competitive space in the elections. “For us it would be good if there was no internal one. There would have to be only one candidate, ”he said.

On the other hand, he considered the idea that the former president is the one who defines the Todista candidate. “Today the movement does not present a candidate because we do not want to complicate the situation. Cristina represents the largest part and she must make the decision, ”she closed.

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