Personal Account of Al Jazeera Correspondent’s Injury in Israeli Bombing: A Story of Resilience and Truth

2023-10-31 13:45:45

Palestinian journalist Shatha Hanaysha published a photo with Al Jazeera correspondent Carmen Joukhadar, who was discharged from the hospital, after a period of treatment, as a result of her injury in an Israeli bombing in southern Lebanon.

Shatha wrote on her Instagram account:
“This photo is with the beautiful Carmen Joukhadar
I met her yesterday after she was released from the hospital after being injured in an Israeli bombing while covering Al Jazeera in southern Lebanon.
Carmen is still recovering from her physical wounds, and does not find time to absorb her psychological wounds from what happened and the loss of our colleague Issam Al-Abdullah, who was martyred in the same bombing, because Carmen today seeks to spread the truth through her conversations with media and human rights institutions about the occupation forces’ direct targeting of journalists.
I was listening to Carmen and remembering the assassination of Sherine Abu Aqla. I remembered the lies that the occupation kept spreading over and over again, and how all the time we were forgetting the pain and forgetting what we felt because we were busy proving the truth and refuting the occupation’s narrative.
Thank God for your safety, Carmen. May you always be a voice for the truth
Thank God for the safety of all journalists and may you always be a voice for the truth.
Mercy to Sherine, Essam, Rushdi, Ibrahim, Doaa, Muhammad, and Khalil, to all martyred journalists and to all martyrs.”

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