Pertamina Open-Not About the Process of Tuban Residents Becoming Billionaires

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

PT Factory Pertamina Internationally, a subsidiary of Pertamina which oversees the Gorss Root Refinery Tuban (GRR Tuban) open a voice about the land acquisition process that made residents of Sumurgeneng Village, Jenu District, suddenly become billionaires and buy up car.

Subholding Refining & Petrochemical Corporate Secretary, PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional Ifki Sukarya said Pertamina did not intervene in the land compensation assessment process. The assessment is carried out by the Public Appraisal Service Office (KJPP) which is then determined by the local BPN.

“KJPP is the one that evaluates the land to be taken over,” he said in a statement quoted on Thursday (18/2).

However, he said the land acquisition was in accordance with the company’s principles, namely, it did not harm the residents whose land was affected.

He added that so that the money from land acquisition can provide benefits to the community, his company also provides education to the affected residents so that they can manage the money from land replacement as well as possible.

Not only that, the process is also in accordance with Law Number 2 of 2012 concerning Land Acquisition for Development for Public Interest.

“On average, residents own a large area of ​​land. The wider the land, the greater the replacement money they receive,” explained Ifki.

He said that with this process, 99 percent of the land had been freed. With that, the US $ 15 billion project got under way. Now the project is in the early stages of construction.

At that stage, the contractor starts cleaning the land.

“Only 328 hectares are left and the restoration of 20 hectares of abrasion has been completed,” he said.

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For information, the Tuban Oil Refinery Project is one of the National Strategic Projects that the government has mandated to Pertamina. The project was built to increase the oil processing capacity by 300 thousand barrels per day.

The project is targeted to produce Euro V standard fuel in the form of gasoline around 80 thousand barrels per day, gasoil around 100 thousand barrels per day and Avtur around 30 thousand barrels per day.

The project is planned to be integrated with a petrochemical refinery producing 3,750 KTPA. With the presence of a refinery in Tuban, Pertamina is targeting future fuel needs to be met from domestic refineries so that imports can be suppressed.

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