Peru Dollar Price TODAY according to Bloomberg Thursday, May 19

The dollar in Peru presents a fall in its price during the morning of today, Thursday, May 19, according to Bloomberg.

During this day the exchange rate resumes its downward trend, but how much has it changed since the session opened?

Dollar exchange rate on Bloomberg

The agency Bloomberg indicates that at 09:00 am the exchange rate opened the exchange session at S/ 3.75 at the interbank level.

An hour after the start of the day, the greenback has continued to decline to S/ 3.74 in the Peruvian market.

At the moment it is estimated that the dollar price it has retreated around 0.70% compared to the previous session.

Please note that the exchange rate It will continue to vary until the close of the day at 01:00 pm, so it could rise more or return to its downward trend.

This trend of dollar It comes after reporting sharp falls in European and Asian stock markets, in addition to the worst day on Wall Street since mid-2020.

According to the Reuters agency, this was generated after warnings from some of the world’s largest retailers, who underlined the harshness of the inflation.

How much is the dollar today in Peru

A recent report of how much is the indicates that in money changers the price of the dollar for the purchase is S/ 3.74 for the sale is S/ 3.78 on average.

While in the digital exchange houses the green ticket is bought at S/ 3.74 and is sold at approximately S/ 3.77.

On the other hand, in banks It is estimated that the purchase price of the dollar is between S/ 3.66 and S/ 3.75 and for sale it is between S/ 3.76 and S/ 3.86.

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