Peru Dollar Price TODAY according to Bloomberg Tuesday, July 12

The price of dollar in Peru rose again during the morning of today, Tuesday, July 12, according to Bloomberg.

During this day the exchange rate presents a slight rise, compared to the strong increase reported yesterday. Here are the changes that the greenback registers:

Dollar exchange rate on Bloomberg

The agency Bloomberg indicates that at 09:10 am the exchange rate opened the session at S/ 3.98 at the interbank level.

But, after almost an hour of the opening of the day, the greenback cut gains, trading at S / 3.96 in the Peruvian market.

During this morning the dollar it rose between 0.15% and 0.60% compared to what was registered in the previous session, in which the highest price since the beginning of January was reached.

Please note that the exchange rate It will continue to vary until the close of the day at 01:30 pm, so it could rise even more or resume the downward trend.

Why does the dollar go up?

On this day the dollar remains high, keeping demand strong due to expectations that the US Federal Reserve will continue to raise its interest rate.

During the last few weeks the greenback rose on a cloudy global economic outlook and on expectations of US inflation data.

“With the forecast that the inflation figures (in USA) reach the highest level in four decades, another interest rate hike of 75 basis points is expected when the Federal Reserve makes its next rate decision, creating room for further dollar hikes,” Ricardo Evangelista said. , Senior Analyst at ActivTrades.

How much is the dollar today in Peru

The latest report from the platform, how much is the, indicates that this morning the money changers they buy the dollar at S/ 3.93 and sell it at approximately S/ 3.98.

While in the digital exchange houses It is calculated that the green ticket is bought at S/ 3.95 and sold at S/ 3.98 on average.

Furthermore, in the banks It is estimated that the purchase price of the dollar is between S/ 3.70 and S/ 3.83 and for sale it is between S/ 3.91 and S/ 3.95.

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