Peso depreciates due to data in the US

MEXICO CITY.— The peso was pushed by inflation data that exceeded market forecasts, into loss territory, as operators consider that such data would delay the easing of the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve (Fed).

The above generated a lower appetite for risk assets, leaving losses for a good part of the emerging currencies, including the Mexican currency, which stood at 17.2238 pesos per dollar, according to data from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico). which is equivalent to a depreciation of 0.74% or 12.71 cents compared to its previous close.

Meanwhile, at bank windows, the price of the greenback closed for sale at 17.62 pesos each, according to data from Citibanamex.

“Operators assimilated the United States inflation report, which in general terms did not show the anticipated moderation, which is interpreted as delaying the Fed’s decision on when the first cut in the interest rate could occur,” the analysts indicated. CIBanco analysts.

The dollar index (dxy), which measures the strength of the US currency against a basket made up of six developed countries, registered an increase of 0.75%, reaching 104.95 units. For the Bloomberg dollar index (bbdxy), the advance was 0.68% and stood at 1,250.72 integers.

Among other currencies that were also in loss territory were the South African rand with 1.25%, followed by the Polish zloty with 1.23%, Czech crown 1.17%, Hungarian forint 0.75%, Bulgarian lev 0.63%, Romanian lei 0.63%, Peruvian sol 0.41%, to mention a few.— El Financiero

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2024-04-13 16:53:27

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