Peter Jackson gives preview of his Beatles documentary made from 56-hour archive

With The Beatles : Get Back, the director of Lord of the Rings returns to the recording of Let it be, in 1969, the last album of the group from Liverpool before their separation.

Fifty-six hours of unpublished archives; a gold mine for Peter Jackson. In a video published Monday, shared in the wake of Paul McCartney on his Twitter account, the director of Lord of the Rings delivers the first extracts from The Beatles : Get Back, scheduled for release on August 27. The documentary reviews the recording of Let it Be (1969), last Beatles album before their separation.

Based on the documentary by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, released the same year, Peter Jackson nevertheless brings another vision of the last hours of the group, far from the myth and the heartbreaking image shown at the time in the tabloids. In the opening minutes of the video, the filmmaker adds: “I hope these images will put a smile on your faces in these complicated times. »

Successful bet. A true immersive experience for Beatles fans, the documentary features footage shot in the studio in early 1969, as well as clips from the Rooftop concert, captured on the roof of a building in London. ” It’s like a time machine takes us back to 1969 and we’re sitting in the studio watching these four friends make great music together.», Explains Peter Jackson.

“I was relieved to find that reality was different from myth, told the director in June. Obviously, there were moments of drama but it is far from the very bad agreement with which this project was associated for a long time. John, Paul, George and Ringo work together to create now classic songs. It’s not only fascinating, it’s also funny, encouraging and surprisingly intimate.»

Ringo Starr supported this statement in a statement: “ We spent hours and hours laughing and playing music, what the movie that came out (Let it be, de Michael Lindsay-Hoggne) did not transcribe. There was a lot of joy and I think Peter will show it. I think this version will be a lot more peaceful and happy, as we really were. »


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