Petro’s daughter tells what really happened when Duque’s wife was “rude” with her brothers

María Juliana Ruiz, wife of former President Iván Duque, It went viral not only because of his fomi jacket, but also because of his “rudeness” by leaving one of Petro’s children with his hand outstretched. The moment went viral and with that gesture, Ruiz closed with a worse image than he left, a nondescript work where only his strange outfits and his whims stood out.

Now, someone who was there tells what really happened. Sofía Petro, in a Twitter space where she spoke with Carlos Cortés and fashion communicator Diana Lucía Gómez, He didn’t just talk about the presidential inaugural attire. In fact, they also asked him about that awkward moment.

The young woman said that she was very anxious and nervous at the time, and that she remembers that “they were very cordial greetings.” But… the big but was that Duke was the one who greeted them all.

Somehow, the one who came to greet us all was Duke. His wife spent a second talking to Antonella (as seen in the video, after the great rudeness to one of Petro’s sons) “.

Everything, because she and her children played soccer in the same academy. She told him good luck with the matches. Something very short, but kind“, he claimed.

However, not everyone saw it that way.

Now, from a distance, that is interpreted differently. Like a front lunge. Whether due to ignorance or omission, or both, Ruiz was left as an impolite, unkind, careerist and even rude lady because of the rudeness, intentional or not, towards the other sons of the President.

Others also emphasize that she did not have an outstanding role in her husband’s presidency, and that she did stand out for her fashion piece already made a meme for posterity, and for a gesture that falls worse than an image in itself impaired.

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