PF dismantles iPhone smuggling scheme from Paraguay

2024-02-21 05:32:00

The Federal Police launched “Operation Illegal”, which investigates a criminal group responsible for the irregular import of iPhones and other smartphones for sale on social networks.

In the action, federal police officers carried out 11 search and seizure warrants in the cities of Passo Fundo, Camargo and Nova Alvorada in Rio Grande do Sul. Court orders were also executed to seize two properties, three vehicles and other assets, as well as blocking funds in the bank accounts of 10 individuals and legal entities.

According to information shared by the PF, the scheme began to be investigated after a complaint indicated that an individual had made an irregular delivery of Apple cell phones to a shopping mall in Passo Fundo.

The investigation revealed the existence of a criminal association dedicated to the clandestine purchase, transportation, deposit and sale of electronic products. All devices were smuggled via Paraguay.

In an action carried out in October 2023, the police caught, red-handed, the main person being investigated in the scheme for transporting state-of-the-art smartphones in a load valued at R$160,000, something that led to tax evasion of R$137,000. .

As investigations continued, the PF confirmed that the suspect had a customer base captured through social media, where he illegally sold imported products without paying taxes.

Therefore, in the action carried out this Tuesday, the Court also ordered the closure of the social media accounts of those being investigated. The evidence also suggests that the individual used the names of third parties (“oranges”) to hide the origin of goods and values ​​illegally obtained through illegal trade.

The crimes investigated in the “Illegal Operation” are embezzlement, criminal association and money laundering.

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