Pfizer vaccine: they already apply the second dose in …

The director of the Central Military Hospital, Sergio Maldonado, assured that this institution has already applied the first dose of the vaccine in phase three of experimentation of the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Biontech to the 4,500 volunteers with “a tolerance according to expectations” and now we are vaccinating a second dose”, Given that more than 21 days have passed since the first inoculations.

“We are well on time, well organized and the tasks are carried out in their three areas without any interference: the hospital fulfills its function as a highly complex hospital; treats suspected and confirmed patients with covid-19; and you can also receive these volunteers, vaccinate them, and make them return to society without any problem, “she explained.

And although the medical control of the trial is carried out by the study’s principal investigator Fernando Polack and his team, Maldonado said that “People’s tolerance to this first dose is normal, it goes according to what they expected” according to “what the researchers say.”

“We had a week before starting the vaccination of very intense practices and there are 500 people working throughout the circuit, which allowed us be sufficiently prepared to get out little by little but increase the number of volunteers and today, a month after starting, we can say that we are meeting the objectives set, “said the director of the Military Hospital.

From the clinical trial of this vaccine that is carried out simultaneously in Brazil, the United States and Germany4500 people between 18 and 85 years old participate in Argentina who were selected from 20 thousand registered volunteers.

“We have a scientific relationship with the researchers, they trust us and when they decide to test the vaccine in Argentina, Dr. Polack invites us to be the only headquarters because he knew about the capacity, not only of the structural equipment but also the professional equipment of our people as to be able to support this development. They decided to have a single headquarters because they know what this hospital is capable of, ”he said.


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