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Philippine President Duterte believes that China will launch aggression. Photo: Taken from Duterte’s Facebook (file photo)

Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, but he was strongly resisted by the Ukrainian military and civilians and strongly boycotted by Western countries. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had earlier warned that China could launch aggression if Putin was cornered and pressed for nuclear weapons.

In a speech this week after signing the amendments to the Public Service Act, Duterte warned: “If, unfortunately, Putin is cornered and pushes the red button, it’s all over. Then my thinking is ‘If this happens, China There’s going to be an intrusion. Intelligence says we’re really going to be hit. We’re going to be hit.”

After taking office in 2016, Duterte ditched the country’s decades-long pro-U.S. policy and moved closer to Beijing, sometimes with harsh words for China. However, what is the meaning of his recent talk has also caused a lot of speculation.

Both the Philippine Inquirer and ABS-CBN TV have interpreted Duterte’s claim as the Philippines that will be invaded by China. CNN pointed out that Duterte did not make it clear which country would be invaded by China. What he meant was that the Philippines would suffer from pond fish.

Duterte also said in his speech: “We will be involved, so no kidding. America is here and that’s why I ordered our military to allow them to move without restriction so that it will end. I just hope Not China.”

“Manila Bulletin” (Manila Bulletin) subscript: “Duterte explains why US military is allowed to use Philippine bases”.

Philippine President: China will invade if Putin presses red button

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned earlier that China could launch aggression if Putin was cornered and pressed for nuclear weapons

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