Pictures in underwear: Helene Fischer is back – and brings others into distress

Helene Fischer fans no longer have to wait long for musical supplies. Image: IMAGO/ Tinkeres

Details on the new album: Helene Fischer drops the bomb – “DSDS” star in distress

the Fans from Helene Fischer eagerly waiting for new ones music the hit queen. Although it was known that she was busy working on songs this year, more detailed, tangible information did not leak through. This week, however, the 37-year-old reported from the studio and rejoiced on Instagram: “Final countdown!” So production is on its last legs.

Now there is Social media another update from Helene, and that’s a lot. The singer not only announced the exact release date of her record, but also revealed the title and also showed an alleged cover.

New record: Helene Fischer attacks again – without a shell like seldom

The CD will be called “Rausch” in a nutshell and will be released on October 15, 2021, according to Helene. So the fans really don’t have to wait a long time. On the cover, which is kept in bright colors, the “breathless” interpreter shows her sexy side:

However, it shouldn’t stay with the hot cover, Helene shared more impressions of a shoot that took place as part of the album release in her Instagram story. The fashion credo of the photo session seemed clear: less is more. On one recording, the singer can only be seen in underwear and a blazer, which she provocatively seems to take off over one shoulder.

That’s how hot Helene Fischer presents herself on the occasion of her new record. Image: Screenshot / Instagram / helenefischer

While she appeared quite dressed in the new video clip for “Vamos a marte”, the path that she would like to take after a long break with “Rausch” now seems to be clearly defined – a lot of skin and music that moves away from the hit and towards the catchy Pop goes.

Helene Fischer shows a lot of leg. Image: Screenshot / Instagram / Helenefischer

“‘I feel like I’m in a frenzy …’, that’s how you could really describe the last few months,” Helene begins a lengthy post in which she reveals her current state of mind to her followers. She continues: “I’ve never been so clear and tidy as I am now. That sounds paradoxical in connection with ‘intoxication’, but sometimes I had the feeling that a hurricane was raging around me, my agitated head would not rest.

The production of “Rausch” evidently went hand in hand with an artistic discovery process that was not always easy. Ultimately, however, the singer achieved her hoped-for goal: “I sometimes had a hazy perception of how I should go into this musical harmony with myself – until the point when song after song was created, every word in it brought fulfillment for me and everything made sense. “

But on the same day, however, a former “DSDS” candidate will also release an album, which is now reaching for the hit stars with her debut. Spicy: Helene Fischer, of all people, is her great role model. Now the two are in direct competition with each other.

Helene Fischer steps up against “DSDS” star

Paulina Wagner took fourth place in the casting show in 2020 and now wants to conquer the charts with “Maybe in love”. Your chances should not be bad, in the past several former “DSDS” participants such as Beatrice Egli were able to gain a foothold in the Schlager genre. Now, however, the newcomer has none other than Helene Fischer in front of her nose.

During the course of “DSDS”, Paulina performed several Helene songs at the same time, and she performed on stage in the live shows “Hundert Percent” and “Our Day”. Compared to RTL, she even explicitly described the hit queen next to Sarah Connor as her idol.

Paulina should therefore also be pleased that a new Helene Fischer album is within reach – but only from her point of view as a fan. Ultimately, it can be assumed that “Rausch” will occupy the top position in the charts for weeks and the competition will not stand a chance will let. At least you’re used to it from Helene’s albums.

Helene Fischer arrived at the destination with “intoxication”

Helene Fischer, however, is now “in the eye of the hurricane”, where she “always wanted to be”, as she herself says. These words sound a bit cryptic, but should only make the fans all the more excited about the upcoming major event. According to rumors, the star is even making a style change on the record – to what extent this will really happen remains to be seen soon.

A recent harbinger was the single “Vamos a Marte”, which Helene recorded with Luis Fonsi. Reports that she is now an international in a big way Career strive, however, rejected it in this context. “I’ve got my audience in Germany and in our neighboring countries. This question does not arise to me at the moment “, she asked the”image“ready.


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