PIIM funds condition the start of Olympafrica works in Viana – news

The Olympafrica Sports Center, linked to Olympic Solidarity, located in the municipality of Viana, precisely in the Luanda Sul neighborhood, still does not know a new date for the resumption of construction works

The high number of children and young people outside the normal education system, without losing sight of the low mass participation in sports in that area of ​​the country’s capital, has worried those responsible for the venue, namely the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MINJUD) and the Angolan Olympic Committee (COA).

As a result, the “Olympáfrica” project was built in 1992, with the purpose of encouraging the participation of the Viennese community in sporting activities that promote social inclusion. However, construction work on the space has been frequently interrupted, a fact that has left residents on edge, as the lack of leisure spaces has led a good number of young people to take up robbery and theft in the area. public road in the satellite municipality.

For this reason, the entity responsible for the space considers the need for it to know a new date for the continuation of works to be fundamental, otherwise it will be forgotten. This newspaper found that the space, which has a bare field for practicing the sport, is abandoned, fenced off by walls and red signs, a scenario that does not please passers-by in that area of ​​Luanda.

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