Pimec votes new president amid allegations of irregularities in the electoral process

What in a parliamentary election would be the day of reflection, in the race to choose the future president of Pimec has been the day to burn the last cartridges. The candidate of Eines Pimec, Pere Barrios, appeared this Monday at the Barcelona headquarters of the employer to present a letter of allegations to the electoral board and claim the “lack of legal certainty”, the “inequalities” and the “irregularities” that in his view there have been in the electoral process. Antoni Cañete, until now general secretary of the employer, has opted for silence, after closing the campaign last Friday. Thus, the day before the first elections in the history of the employer with two people choosing to preside over it, the position that the two candidates have maintained throughout the campaign has been staged almost perfectly: one the attack and the other defense.


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