Pingtung Fangliao Township Chief Chen Yalin Involved in Fraud

Chen Yalin, head of Fangliao Township in Pingtung County, was involved in the construction fraud case of the township office. On March 11, the Pingtung District Court ordered 1.5 million yuan to be handed over on bail. The Pingtung District Prosecutor’s Office lodged a protest. The court granted a detention ban. On March 11, Chen Yalin and an assistant surnamed Huang were arrested by the Pingtung District Prosecutor’s Office on suspicion of jointly violating the Corruption Regulations and receiving kickbacks from office projects. Pay the bail, the assistant surnamed Huang please come back without bail.

Pingtung Fangliao Township Chief Chen Yalin The court ruled that he was detained and banned from seeing him. (Chen Yalin provides / provides file photo)

Screen inspection chief prosecutor Chen Yili told reporters today that Chen Yalin and Huang’s assistant were jointly suspected of violating the Corruption Offences Ordinance in collecting kickbacks from office-use projects, and violating the Government Procurement Law by fraudulently causing incorrect results to open bids, etc. The guilt is serious.

Chen Yili said that the two people committed serious crimes for more than 5 years, and there are facts enough to admit that there is a risk of annihilating evidence, colluding with accomplices or witnesses. Back, the detention court reopened at 2 pm today, and the court has ruled that the detention will not be seen.

The 36-year-old Chen Yalin has no party membership. In 2018, he was elected as the head of Fangliao Township with the image of a fresh and highly educated newcomer, becoming the youngest township head in the country.

After receiving bail on March 11, Chen Yalin posted on Facebook the next day, “The road to reform will always be full of obstacles, like going against the wind.” On the same day, he was interviewed by a reporter from the Central News Agency, saying that he was frank, I am also very helpless; I posted on Facebook yesterday, “Please give me the strength to forgive the suffering that others have inflicted on me, and please give me the ability to take care of the suffering people in my future journey!”

Responsible editor: Yu Weining

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