Piqué, how much is your fortune after losing business and ending up with Shakira?


The Spaniard would have several properties and economic income that increase due to the projects he undertook for a few years.


Gerard Piqué and Shakira made the decision to completely end their love relationship, which began in 2010 when they met. Both created a family, consolidated a story and welcomed two children, who were protagonists of different key moments in their professional careers.

The former soccer player and the singer stood out for being one of the most talked about couples of years ago, taking into account how high they were in their respective professions. Each one shone in his style, making their way with businesses and projects that would give them great economic results in the future.

The subject that stands out the most in his current career is that of Kosmos, his company that is in charge of producing and managing different sporting events. This project took rights from the French soccer league and “managed to generate more than 24 million euros in commissions to take the Spanish Super Cup to be played in Saudi Arabia”, according to the portal New woman.

The union with the famous streamer led the athlete to also transfer football to digital stages, taking Twitch as an example. By bringing the Kings League to this space, their tournament became popular among the curious and is now viral on virtual platforms.

In the same way, much was said about Piqué’s fortune today, highlighting his properties, his profits from these businesses and the objects that were in his name. The list started with the two houses in Barcelona, ​​more than six high-end vehicles, including a BMW 6 Series, an Audi Q7 and a Mercedes SLK.

However, this total would not be anywhere near what your ex-partner acquired over time. The Colombian singer would have a heritage of more than 300 million euros, contemplating her musical successes, properties and profits from her businesses.

It is important to note that it is unknown what the future business of the former soccer player will be like, who is preparing branches of the Kings League to involve all kinds of audiences. The Spaniard announced changes and new proposals on this idea, which will open the way to all kinds of fans and soccer lovers.

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