Piqué would have been unfaithful to Shakira about 50 times, according to famous paparazzi

Six months after confirming their separation, Shakira y Pique They are still news, especially now. that seem have clarified the terms of custody of their children, Sasha and Milan, the fruit of their twelve-year relationship. Since the singer and the soccer player began their relationship in 2010, the international press did not lose sight of them.

The paparazzi and reporter Jordi Martin was one of many who followed in the footsteps of the couple for more than a decade. The Spanish communicator became his shadow from its beginnings until now. Martin revealed to the world that Clara Chía was the soccer player’s new love, and he does not miss any scoop related to the future of the already ex-partner.

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Gerard Piqué would have made him unfaithful to Shakira tens of times

Jordi Martin considers himself an expert on both celebrities, so much so that he claims to have learned to read the gestures and behavior of the artist and athlete. In a recent interview for the Lo Sé Todo program, the Spaniard confessed that, for years, He saw the ex-soccer player being unfaithful to the Barranquillera.

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“It has failed him not only with Clara Chía but countless times. Shakira is now finding out about everything, since she broke up with Gerard she is finding out about numerous infidelities. One from 2012, in 2016 with her ex-partner Nuria Tomas, two years ago with a girl in a nightclub in Barcelona ”, he counted, but he ended up surprising when he mentioned the number of times that Piqué could have deceived the mother of his children. “I can tell you that there may be more than 50”, said.

Given the comments he has received in recent months from many Internet users, where several say that the paparazzi befriended celebrities, he denied the accusations and, on the contrary, revealed that there has always been a tense energy between him and the former player. From Barcelona. “My relationship with him was null, I could say that it was quite tense, because we have even come to blows, there have been attacks on both sides; we have always had very strong disputes, he has never understood my work and, in addition, he has been a very impulsive, arrogant and arrogant guy. He is a guy that when people really get to know him, they know that he is unpleasant, classist, treats ordinary people very badly and generally looks over his shoulder… He is rude, almost the same as his father. Gerard’s mother is a doctor and has other more human qualities; Monserrat is wonderful, but her father is a narcissist. I never understood how Shakira was drooling over him.”, told in an interview for TVyNovelas.

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