Playstation 5: Sony will she cut down its good cards Wednesday night?

The little cat and mouse game between Sony Interactive Entertainment and the Microsoft Game division seems to have turned in favor of the former. It is indeed this evening, from 10 p.m. that Sony broadcasts its PlayStation 5 event with the advantage of being able to have the last word on the availability and the price of its new generation consoles since Microsoft, constrained by excessive leaks, has spit it out last week (November 10, 300 francs for the Xbox Series S, an entry-level model and 500 francs for the Xbox Series X, the most muscular model). The suspense is nonetheless unbearable since Sony was content to point out that its Livestream is centered on its catalog of upcoming games and has been careful not to give other clues. We can therefore still imagine that Sony will have the perversity of withholding the disclosure of this information a little longer for reasons which belong to it.

Before the event, speculation is obviously rife, including one evoking a price alignment with that of the Xbox Series X (or even lower) for the PS5 with a physical disc drive.

The start of the week was also marked by a revelation from business media Bloomberg claiming that Sony is struggling with production reliability issues for the main component of the PS5 which has forced it to downgrade its capabilities for launch. . Sony vigorously denied this assertion on Wednesday but in an ambiguous formulation that leaves room for interpretation.

Answers tonight to some of these questions that demonstrate that the video game industry is a ruthless universe and that leaves gamers on fire.

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