PlayStation compra Housemarque, that is an al plantel of PlayStation Studios

Hermen Hulst, Head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, announced the Acquisition of Housemarque as a new member of the PlayStation Store. The news of has come after showing that the recent launch of Returnal has offered a great experience «from a studio with incredible vision, capable of creating memorable new games that resonate with our community«, The manager mentioned. In this way, Housemarque joins a powerful affiliation of studios including Naughty Dog, Bend Studio, Guerrilla, London Studio, Insomniac Games, San Diego Studio, Sucker Punch or Santa Monica Studio.

Ilari Kuittinen, co-founder and CEO of Housemarque, has admitted to being «very excited to finally join the PlayStation Studios family. This gives our studio a clear future and a stable opportunity to continue offering game-centric approaches, while still experimenting with new narrative delivery methods and pushing the boundaries of this modern art form«. The studio, located in Helsinki, will expand into a growing industrial center and will secure the legacy of Finland’s oldest game studio.

Now, we will have to wait what new games Housemarque prepares as a member of PlayStation Studios, from now on «We look forward to ushering in longer lasting memories and exciting titles for the next quarter century and beyond.«.

▪ Release date: 04/30/2021

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