Pocher predicts love-out at the Wendlers – Tv

Wendler’s dearest enemy, Oliver Pocher, is certain: the marriage between Laura and the singer has a rapid expiry date after the corona scandal.

Although the shot DSDS juror and neo-conspiracy apostle Michael Wendler (48) shares table and bed with his Laura (20) in Florida, their adopted home, their opinions differ on the corona virus. While the hit man is meanwhile driving his career up against the wall with his hair-raising video messages, she says it is like “Switzerland”. In her first statement after the Wendler scandal was exposed, the influencer whistles that she remains “neutral” and “apolitical” on the subject, but still stands by her husband.

Does your love actually have an expiration date? Still remains Lauradespite the corona scandal at her husband’s side Michael Wendler.imago images

Pocher already sees Laura sitting “back on the plane”

If TV comedian Oliver Pocher (42) has its way, this statement from Wendler also has a clear expiry date. He doesn’t think that the relationship between the two of them is not going well after all this turmoil. “If he stays on the line now and insists, then I won’t see them celebrate Christmas together,” says Pocher in his podcast “The Pochers here!” in conversation with his wife Amira (28). “But then she’s back on the plane in no time,” predicts the Wendler intimate.

TV comedian predicts relationship end

According to Pocher, one reason that Laura will soon be looking for a long distance could be Wendler’s ailing finances. After the Corona scandal, the advertising deals burst like soap bubbles and practically not a day goes by without another partner distancing themselves from the singer. The same thing could bloom Laura and jeopardize her influencer career. “If they don’t earn any more money from now on, they’ll be gone in three months at the latest,” babbles Pocher and even goes one step further: “She’ll have a new friend next year.”

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