Pokémon GO Tour 2024: Sinnoh – Road to Sinnoh Event Information and Rewards

2024-02-20 14:00:00

In order to warm up for the upcoming “Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh” global online event this weekend (February 24-25), Niantic has launched two event tickets “Road to Sinnoh”, which not only have exclusive rewards, You can also encounter region-limited Pokémon.

“Road to Sinnoh” event information and bonus rewards

  • Event date and time: February 19, 2024 (Monday) 10:00 to February 23 (Friday) 18:00
  • Egg hatching distance halved
  • From February 19th to 22nd, the daily limit of remote team battles will be increased to 10
  • From February 23rd to 25th, there will be no limit to the number of daily remote team battles.

“GO Tour 2024: Road to Sinnoh” Preliminary Special Investigation


1 Capture 1 Pokémon that first appeared in the Sinnoh region (Generation 4) 10 GO Tour 2024 stickers Obtain stage rewards 2024 experience points
2024 Stardust
Encounter with Big Tooth 2 Choose Diamond/Pearl Diamond Pearl Effect
allcapturedOrigin Dialgawill be learnedTime roars
In some origins, Palkia has a chance to learn Archon Slash.
allcapturedOrigin Palkiawill be learnedArchon Slash
Part of the Origin Dialga has a chance to learn Roar of Time. Feed a partner 10 Baby Gilas Candy 10 Baby Dragon Candy. Feed a partner 100 Bankylas Super Power 100 Boom Dragon Super Power. Obtain stage reward 3 Dialga Candy
Encounter with Eucyras
Diamond Edition Medal
3 Palkia Candies
Encounter Baby Dragon
Pearl Edition Medal

3 Capture 1 Pokémon that first appeared in the Sinnoh region (Generation 4) 10 Big Tooth Candy Obtain stage reward 2024 experience points
2024 Stardust
Encounter the big-toothed raccoon

The free “Pokemon GO Tour 2024: Sinnoh” preliminary special investigation mission has been launched a few days ago. The second phase of this mission requires you to choose the Diamond or Pearl version to continue. This will affect the ability to capture the origin during subsequent global events. A special move learned by Dialga/Origin Palkia. For special move effects, please refer to previous reports on physical events in Los Angeles.

Further reading:“Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh” Live in Los Angeles: Origin Dialga/Palkia Arrives, Preview of Adventure Effects

According to the analysis of ability values, compared to the normal form, the attack power of Dialga in the origin form is slightly lowered and the defense power is increased more. The attack power and defense power of the origin form Palkia are both slightly increased. . Coupled with the exclusive special moves, Origin Palkia’s “Aerial Slash” is slightly more versatile than Origin form Dialga’s “Time Roar”. So overall, Origin Palkia is a mythical beast that has made progress in all aspects.

If you really want to struggle with the version, if you already have a high-IV ordinary Dialga, you can give priority to the Origin Palkia, which is guaranteed to learn “Arcanic Slash”, which is the Pearl version.

If you still lack the high IV ordinary Dialga, or the ordinary versions of the two mythical beasts do not have high IV, then the difference between choosing the diamond version and the pearl version is not so obvious. It purely depends on whether you like the pause prop timing of Roar of Time or not. Archon Slash expands the Pokémon encounter distance.

“Road to Sinnoh: Team Battle Challenge” Limited Time Survey


1 Win 2 team battles Encounter Cresselia✨ Win 4 team fights Encounters Siddallion✨ Win 6 team fights Encounters Origin Giratina✨ Win 8 team fights Encounters Darkrai✨ Obtain stage reward 5 Dialga candy
5 Palkia candy
5 Giratina candy

This limited-time survey is also free. As long as you complete the specified number of sessions, you can encounter and capture 4 mythical beasts from the Sinnoh region. It can be used with this week’s group battle dinner date to complete the mission goal.

“Road to Sinnoh” Team Battle Dinner Date 18:00 – 19:00

5 star group battle boss

February 19 (Monday)
acquisitionsludge bombofDarkrai

February 20 (Tuesday)
acquisitionTying a straw knotofCresselia

February 21 (Wednesday)
Asia Pacific:Yoshi
Europe, Africa, Middle East, India:Amrido

February 22 (Thursday)
acquisitionlava stormofSiddallion

February 23 (Friday)
acquisitionShadow StrikeofOrigin Giratina

“Road to Sinnoh: Team Battle” paid admission ticket

Pokémon GO Tour 2024: Sinnoh

  • Ticket price: NT$ 150
  • Event date and time: 10:00 on February 19, 2024 (Monday) to 20:00 on February 25 (Sunday)

“Road to Sinnoh: Team Battle” bonus rewards

  • Completing a team battle will earn you an additional 5,000 experience points.
  • Participate in team battles to get an extra candy
  • Flip the gym sign to get 2 additional general team battle tickets (orange tickets), and the total number of free team battle tickets per day reaches 3.

“Road to Sinnoh: Team Battle” Limited Time Survey


1 Win 2 team battles 5 Cresselia Candy won 4 team battles 5 Siddallion Candy won 6 team battles 5 Giratina Candy won 8 team battles 5 Darkrai Candy acquisition stage reward 10 Dialga candy
10 Palkia candy
Eevee mask

In addition to the “Pokemon GO Tour 2024: Sinnoh” event day, you can also complete the mission objectives with the previously mentioned “Road to Sinnoh” daily event.

“Road to Sinnoh: Hatching Egg” paid admission ticket

Pokémon GO Tour 2024: Sinnoh

  • Ticket price: NT$ 150
  • Event date and time: 10:00 on February 19, 2024 (Monday) to 20:00 on February 25 (Sunday)

“Road to Sinnoh: Egg Hatching” Bonus Bonus

  • 2x hatching experience
  • 2x hatching stardust
  • 2x Hatch Candy

“Road to Sinnoh: Hatching the Egg” Limited Time Survey


1 hatch 1 egg encounter noisy bird✨Hatch 2 eggs Encounter Pachlitz✨Hatch 3 Eggs Encounter fang cage✨Hatch 4 eggs Encounter noisy bird✨Hatch 5 eggs Encounter Pachlitz✨Hatch 6 eggs Encounter fang cage✨ Obtain stage reward 4000 Stardust
1 super incubator
Pikachu mask

The limited-time investigation mission reward provided by the Egg Hatching Voucher is the region-limited Pokémon of the 4th generation of “Pokemon GO”. These 3 Pokémon will not appear in Taiwan on weekdays. We are worried about “Pokemon GO Tour 2024: Sinnoh” If you are training less than 10 kilometers on the event day, you can consider purchasing this value-added ticket.

“February Egg Hatching Certificate” paid admission ticket

Pokemon GO February 2024 Egg Hatching Certificate

  • Ticket price: NT$ 150
  • Event date and time: 10:00 on February 1 (Thursday) to 20:00 on February 29 (Thursday), 2024

If you feel that the egg incubator is not enough, or you want more rewards, you can stack the “February Egg Hatching Certificate” and play it together with the special effect of halving the egg hatching distance included in “Road to Sinnoh” for better efficiency.

“February Egg Hatching Certificate” Limited Time Survey


1 Catch 30 Pokémon 2500 Experience Points Catch 15 Pokémon 2500 Experience Points Teleport 20 Pokémon 2500 Experience Points Acquisition Stage Reward 2500 Experience Points 2 Use 25 berries to help catch Pokémon 2500 Stardust Teleport 5 2500 friendship gifts, 2500 stardust for hatching 3 eggs, 2500 stardust acquisition stage reward, 25 companions for Stardust 3, 5000 experience points, opening 5 friendship gifts, 5000 experience points, catching 20 dragon or normal Pokémon, 5000 experience points. Value acquisition stage reward 5000 experience points 4 Throw 30 curveballs 5000 Stardust walking exploration for 5 kilometers 5000 Stardust evolution 10 Pokémon 5000 Stardust acquisition stage reward 5000 stardust
encounter Washing Trikati Dogs

“February Egg Hatching Certificate” Egg Hatching Certificate Award

  • Spin the gym or supply station card for the first time each day to get 1 disposable normal incubator and 3x experience points
  • When you catch a Pokémon for the first time every day, you will get 3 times the experience points.
  • Up to 50 friendship gifts can be opened every day
  • Rotate gym or supply station cards daily to get up to 150 friendly gifts.
  • Up to 40 friendly gifts can be stored in the bag

Web Store Limited Plus Code

exist Pokémon GO Web Store Trainers who purchase the “February Egg Hatching Certificate” can also unlock new costume items inspired by the guard team members in “Pokémon Legends Arceus”!

For more “Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh” event information, please stay tuned to our tracking reports!

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