Pole Guys-Fortnite cross event ‘Crown Clash’

[테크월드뉴스=조명의 기자] Epic Games Korea announced that they will hold a cross-event ‘Crown Clash’ until July 11, where you can get Pole Guys in-game currency and Fortnite items by playing Pole Guys.

This event, which was prepared to commemorate the free launch of Pole Guys, is for playing 10, 20, 40, 70, and 100 mini game rounds in Pole Guys during the event period. paid with At the same time, Fortnite will provide various items such as flapjacks spray, pancake emoticons of love, syrup-sprayed pancake pickaxe, waffle machine and other trinkets, and Major Mancake costumes for each stage.

On the other hand, Pole Guys also surpassed 20 million players in 48 hours after switching to the free service on June 21st.

Pole Guys, which started anew with Season 1 ‘Free Play for All’, added new rounds and obstacles such as ‘Speed ​​Circuit’, ‘Blast Ball’, ‘Bouncing Floor’, and ‘Pol Guys Volleyball’ to celebrate the free version. In addition, the season pass is also released to give special items.

Park Seong-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, “Since the conversion to free, more people than before have been immersed in the fun of Pole Guys, and I am deeply grateful for such great support from players. We have prepared a special cross-event where rewards are provided even in Fortnite, another representative game of the company, so please participate.”

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