Police Investigation Unveils Child Trafficking In Surrogacy Case: Incheon Police Station

2023-12-06 12:06:00
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While it was confirmed that a man in his 60s had raised three children born through three surrogate mothers by adding them to his family register, it was discovered that a police investigation related to one of these surrogate mothers was underway in Incheon.

Incheon Namdong Police Station announced on the 6th that it is investigating and booked surrogate mother A (38) and surrogate birth client B (60) on charges of child trafficking under the Child Welfare Act.

The police also booked two people, including C (52), a female surrogate child broker who connected Person A and Person B, on the same charge.

Surrogate mother A is accused of giving birth to D, a boy conceived with B’s sperm, at a hospital in Busan on September 28, 2016, and then handing it over to B.

It was discovered that Mr. A committed the crime after receiving a request for a surrogate birth through Mr. C, a broker whom he met at an internet cafe.

It was found that Mr. A agreed to receive approximately 50 million won from Mr. B in the name of childbirth expenses and living expenses, and gave birth as a surrogate.

It is reported that Mr. B, who requested a surrogate birth from Mr. A, gave birth to three children, including D, through a broker and is currently raising them himself.

Their crimes were revealed during the government’s comprehensive investigation into ‘children whose births were not reported.’

A police official said, “We are investigating the exact circumstances of the incident against the surrogate mother A and the client B.”

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