Police see increase in number of drug seekers in port of Rotterdam | Interior

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In the past seven days, twelve so-called sneaks were arrested in cooperation with customs. In addition, the police received at least ten reports in February, a spokeswoman confirms reports from Rijnmond.nl. It is not known how many intruders were arrested in January. But according to the police there are more together than in the same period in previous years.

Intruders are looking for bags with drugs that are often hidden in containers with a legal load from South America. Before the container is delivered to the buyer, the drugs must be removed. “For this, criminals are often hired who are well acquainted with port logistics and who sneak into the container terminals. There they break open the container of drugs, remove the bags of drugs and then try to get back from the port area unseen, ”the spokeswoman explains.

She says that since December this way of smuggling drugs has been increasing. According to her, smuggling methods alternate regularly for various reasons.


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